Unreleased Couple Miles from San Monsano Update

Dear friends!

Help restore wandering Stagecoach and go to their homes, to create new materials and have magnificent prizes in this update a couple of miles from San Monsano!

In this update:
– New location: Pass Del Rio
– New house: The carriage Repair House.
– New decoration: chubby Mexican gangster Experienced


del-rio-page-1 del-rio-page-2

If you are not current in updates in San Monsano and have the newest crafting buildings complete, you will not be able to work on this update. Please consider working on older updates!

The Devs have made things a tad easier though… most of the new craftable items in this update are sendable (to help friends) and urgent orders may be used on the Repair Shop.

Couple Miles from San Monsano Quests <— Click Here!

Rough total of supplies you can make ahead for this update… Totals are 2 build 1 Repair House and 1 Carriage)

  • Thin Grass (108)
  • Red Powder (50)
  • Orange Powder (5)
  • Green Powder (2)
  • Honey (8)
  • Acacia Beam (5)
  • Bronze (7)
  • Chrome Saw (7)
  • White Marble (3)
  • Aluminum (8)
  • Basalt (6)
  • Chrome Hammer (19)
  • Oil Paint (3)
  • Brass (3)
  • Belt for Rivet (6)
  • Horsetack (3)
  • Book of Knowledge (24)
  • Acacia Plank (5)

New Territory on Map 3: Del Rio Pass. It will cost 45 food to travel.


Overview of the Del Rio Pass. No new items, but lots of familiar items are there! 


New free gift will be Skein of Gauze (there is a quest to add to wish list, send and accept from friends)


Repair House is the new crafting building. There is 1 already placed in Del Rio. 2nd purchase costs 25 GF Bucks. 3rd purchase costs 75 GF Bucks. Urgent orders can be used to speed up crafting.

2nd-repair-house 3rd-repair-house


repair-house-stage-1 repair-house-stage-2


There is a Coach already placed in Del Rio. You will be building it, collect rewards and then one will be in your inventory (quest reward) for you to place and be able to collect 1 Brass and 1 Skein of Gauze every 12 hours.

coach coach-rewards

coach-stage-1 coach-stage-2

coach-stage-3 coach-stage-4



New Recipes in Repair House: Bridle


Carriage Door


Soft Bar


Soft Beam


Soft Plank x2







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