Golden Frontier Prospector Caravan Update

Prospector Caravan was released 11/24/2016. Located in White Hills, we build a new Clickable, get a new pet, hunt for foxes and get a new collection!

Prospector Caravan Quests <— Click here!

New free gift is Glass Flask


Hairy Pig is a new animal that you feed Mixed Fodder and receive Raw Meat. The first stages require 1 Mixed Fodder and you receive 1 Raw meat. The last Stages require 2 Mixed Fodder each but you receive 2 Raw meat.


New Pet cot will be built after which you feed your pet, and he will help you catch foxes that are wandering around your White Hills Location. Click either picture below for building requirements.

cost-of-pets-cot   golden-frontier-pets-cot

After building your Pets Cot, you feed your pet dog feed. Then he will help you catch the Foxes. (Dog feed is crafted in the Kitchen) The amount of food you have crafted is under the “you have” part. When you “feed” your pet, it is subtracted from what you have and placed in “from pet.” Your Pet can catch as many foxes as he has enough food for.


  • Silver fox requires 10 feed and gives Food Parcel
  • Red Fox requires 20 feed and gives Expensive Furs
  • White fox requires 30 feed and gives Healing Parcel


Note: If your Husky only has 10 Feed left, he cannot catch a White or Red Fox, and it will tell you that you need to Feed the Husky more food.

The Prospector Caravan is a new Clickable that you place in White Hills. There will be 2 recipes you can craft in the Prospector’s Store at the Gold Prospector Town to help you level your Caravan. Neighbors will be able to visit and use free clicks to help you as well. You can opt to not really use materials needed for recipes and let neighbors “free click” and save yourself a lot of work.


Visiting a neighbor’s Caravan


Filling your own Caravan


New Kitchen Recipes : Mixed Fodder


Dog Feed x10


Dog Feed x25


New Prospector Store Recipes: Caravan’s Luggage


Healing Balm





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