Golden Frontier Unreleased Colourful Art Update

Dear friends!

Go to San Monsano and discover a whole palette of colors with which build the Statue of South fox and get Bucks every day. Meet our update COLOURFUL ART!

In this update:
– New construction: Statue South fox, Academy of Fine Arts
– New decoration: polar bear, Fountain Arts, Good teacher


colorful-art-page-1 colorful-art-page-2

colorful-art-page-3 colorful-art-page-4

Again we will be in San Monsano and players that have not worked on the last few updates are recommended to work on older updates. As with the last few updates, most items are not sendable so you will need to rely on yourself to complete this update. FOLLOW THE QUESTS IN THIS UPDATE!! You will receive rewards to help you progress. 

New wish list item is Artist Apron. There is a quest to add it to your wish list and send to a friend. You will only be able to add it to your wish list from the gifts section, not from Warehouse.


You will want to build the Academy of Arts FIRST. Then build the Still Life and Mountain Landscapes. (they give rewards that you need to build the South Fox Statue) Then Build the South Fox Statue.  (urgent orders may be used)

The Academy of arts is a new crafting building for this update. There is a limit of 3 total buildings. 1st purchase is 2500 coins. 2nd purchase if 55 GF Bucks. 3rd purchase is 75 GF Bucks.

academy-of-arts-1st-purchase academy-2nd-purchase academy-of-arts

academy-of-arts-stage-1 academy-of-arts-stage-2


New Recipes: Artist Easel


Blue Powder x3


Canvas and Brush


Charcoal x3


Green Powder


Light Blue Powder x2


Oil Paint x2


Orange Powder x2


Pink Powder x7


Poster Paint


Purple Powder x3


Red Powder x2


Simple Pencil


Turquoise Powder


Watercolor Paint


Yellow Powder x4


These 2 Landscapes will need to be built in order to be able to fully build the South Fox Statue as they give the items needed. They are quest rewards so you will find them in your warehouse, not in the shop.


Mountain Landscape gives coins, exp, etc. It may give a Thin Brush RANDOMLY… you don’t receive one every single time. You can collect from the Mountain Landscape every 10 minutes once built.


mountain-landscape-stage-1 mountain-landscape-stage-2


Still Life Landscape gives a Wide Brush or Stiff Brush (RANDOMLY), Coins, Exp, etc every 15 Minutes once built.


still-life-stage-1 still-life-stage-2


South Fox Statue gives Artist Apron, 1 GF Buck, Coins, Exp, Thin Grass, Etc every 24 hours once fully built.

south-fox-statue fox-statue-rewards

Collect a reward in between stages as you are building your South Fox Statue. Click the Upgrade button to see the building stage.


south-fox-statue-stage-1 south-fox-statue-stage-2


Quests… remember to follow the quests to receive rewards to help you build the statue. Since you need to craft the various materials anyway, it may be easier to follow the “Crafting Quests” and then worry about the “building quests” later.

on-the-road-quest beautiful-fox-quest

academy-of-arts-quest artists-case-quest

bright-pigments-quest more-colors-quest

even-more-colours-quest art-materials-quest

colorful-paint-quest art-supplies-quest

most-important-thing-quest still-life-quest


important-start-quest back-to-the-fox-quest


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