Golden Frontier Unreleased Bolshoi Theater Update

Dear friends!

Build your own scene, slide presentation and gather with their audience, a well-deserved reward in our update Bolshoi Theatre!

In this update:
– New construction: Small stage, dressing room, leading Gypsy Caravan, Caravan strongman, Gypsy wiseacre.
– New decoration: Girl in front of a mirror, Belle.


bolshoi-page-1 bolshoi-page-2

bolshoi-page-3 bolshoi-page-4

Facebook Version (grand Theatre update) <— Click here!

Material Requirements for 1 Dressing Room and Small Scene including building the last stage 4 times.

Acacia Branch (34)
Acacia Plank (11)
Cacti Fruit (10)
Chrome Hammer (15)
Fish for Tame Fox (5)
Wooden Stake (4)
Spruce Beam (4)
Spruce Board (15)
Spruce Billet (4)
Feed for Wild Fox (3)
Chrome Plate (11)
Starch Glue (4)
Goat Fur (4)
Fox Fur (16)
Paper (60)
Woolen Fabric (8)
Quilted Fabric (4)
Caravan’s Luggage (6)
Bronze (10)
Brass (14)
Lime (1)
Bronze Paint (3)
White Marble (3)
Basalt (3)
Material requirements for all 3 Caravans

Creosote Twigs (60)
Glass Flask (30)
Acacia Branch (75)
Lots of Food in Basket (13)
Acacia Plank (14)
Grass Rope (15)
Acacia Beam (15)
Pickaxe with Grass Rope (12)
Pure Gold (12)


NOTE: There is NOT enough thin grass in the game to make the Grass Rope needed for the Acacia Planks and Acacia Beams (especially since we just had a top 100 contest.) Be prepared for some possible changes or for it to possibly be traded in the Trading post. I have sent a message to GFC about this issue and also the enormous amount of Honey needed again for this update…. Most likely you will also run out of Cut Grass in San Monsano making the Pig Feed Recipe. Will see what happens…

This looks to be a 2 week Timed Mission to complete the Small Scene. It would be wise to work in completing That part of the mission, and then build the Caravans. (however you can have the materials ahead and build them…they give rewards every 24 hours that will eventually help rebuilding the last stage of the small scene.)

We will again be in the San Monsano Location with this update. If you are NOT current, work on older updates! You will need to have worked on last weeks update in order to participate in this one! Currently, items are NOT sendable, so you will need to do your own work. 

There will be a new Free gift item (Theatrical Makeup) Like last week, you cannot add it to your wish list from your warehouse. You will need to do it though the free gifts.


Most of the Structures in this update will again be limited to the lower center/right area.


New Crafting building (Dressing Room) Maximum of 3. 1st purchase is 2500 Coins. 2nd purchase is 55 GF Bucks. 3rd purchase is 75 GF Bucks.

bolshoi-page-11 dressing-room

dressing-room-stage-1 dressing-room-stage-2


The Small Scene is what seems to be the timed part of this update. There are 4 building stages. After you complete building the stage, it puts on a very short “show” and gives rewards including 5 Stage Tickets, Coins, Experience, A Buck, etc. The last stage of the Small Scene must be rebuilt another 3 times in order to have enough Tickets to give to the “viewers.” You can keep rebuilding the last stage of the Small Scene… (but it really is not worth the effort)

small-scene small-scene-rewards

small-scene-stage-1 small-scene-stage-2


4th Stage needs to be built 4 times


In order to obtain a Leader, Hercules and Little Nerd, you will need to find them, and complete their build stage. Disregard the icons above their heads as they are deceiving! (may be the only thing the devs came up with to identify them)

hercules-1 leader-1 little-nerd-1

These are the build stages for Hercules, Leader and Little Nerd. Remember… you will gave to do each of them 4 times.


In San Monsano you will also see several “repeat characters.” They will have different icons over their heads. The ones for this update are called “viewers” and will be asking for Tickets. You cannot give them tickets until you have built and collected from the Small Scene. Receive random rewards after giving them tickets.

viewer-2 viewer-3 viewer-4

viewer-5 viewer-6

The Caravans are more permanent structure that give rewards every 24 hours when complete. 

Lead Caravan (gives Script)

lead-caravan lead-caravan-rewards

lead-caravan-stage-1 lead-caravan-stage-2


Wiseacre Caravan (gives Clever Glasses)

wiseacre-caravan wiseacre-caravan-rewards

wiseacre-caravan-stage-1 wiseacre-caravan-stage-2


Strongman Caravan (gives Strongman Tights)

strongman-caravan strongman-caravan-rewards

strongman-caravan-stage-1 strongman-caravan-stage-2


Dressing Room Recipes: Belt



Book of Knowledge


Bowtie x3


Cane and Tophat


Clever Eyeglasses x2


Dumbbell x2


Lead Coat x2


Moustache x3


Panopticon Signboard


Polkadot Dress




Shirt and Suspenders


Strongman Tights x2



san-monsano-is-waiting-quest great-scene-quest

gypsy-master-quest the-most-intelligent-child-quest

leading-quest hersules-quest

curtain-is-raised-quest audience-quest

caravan-for-the-smartest-quest caravan-for-the-strongest-quest



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