Unreleased New Year’s Holidays Update

Dear friends!

Go to the White Hills again quietly. It’s hard to believe, but out of the sky fell some weirdo. It is necessary to go back and see what happened there. Meet our update New Year holidays!

In this update:
– New construction: Sledge of Santa Claus with gifts Boxes, Christmas trees
– New decorations: The assistant of Santa Claus, deer Fairy


Just an FYI though… players that have not been current should not even think about attempting this when it comes. You need to be current in white hills and Gold Prospector Town. Players have been asking for tougher updates that cannot be completed in a couple hours, and now you are getting just that. Remember, these are NOT meant to be finished in a day, and you will be busy for quite a while. There really isn’t a rush and it’s quite alright to have several missions going. Don’t “quit” now because it’s getting tough. Keep going, put your chin up and PUTTER PUTTER PUTTER!!!

We have messaged the devs and asked for some things to be changed with this update… we are hoping the show a bit of mercy on us!

New Free gift will be New Year’s Wish. Make sure you put it on your Wish list right away… and make sure you send it to your friends… you will need hundreds of these!


Lazurite Shards Can be traded in the trading post instead of looking for the prospector guy in the lost city!


Right off the bat you will need “reindeer food” (made in barn) to catch the reindeer. There are 9 reindeer total. Save 230 honey just for the reindeer food for Santa’s Sleigh.


Prospector House Recipes (Gold Prospector Town)

Candy Canes will be another…Ahem… Pain unless they change this when released. You will need to give 3 candy canes to “elves” who will give you 1 ski.


Blue Cardboard


Red Cardboard


Pink Cardboard


White Cardboard


Gold Ribbon


Green Ribbon


Red Ribbon


Yellow Ribbon


Christmas Bells






Red Present


Blue Present


Pink Present


White Present


Santa’s Sleigh: Catching the reindeer is part of building it…. So you will need to follow the quests and catch Reindeer as you progress.

  • Comet = 1  feed
  • Donner = 2  feed
  • Cupid = 3  feed
  • Dasher = 5  feed
  • Vixen = 6  feed
  • Prancer = 7  Feed
  • Blitzen = 8  Feed
  • Dancer = 10  feed

santas-sleigh-stage-1 santas-sleigh-stage-2

santas-sleigh-stage-3 santas-sleigh-stage-4

santas-sleigh-stage-5 santas-sleigh-stage-6

santas-sleigh-stage-7 santas-sleigh-stage-8

Ski’s… remember, each elf gives 1 ski. 1 elf = 3 candy canes.

After you build Santa’s sleigh, he takes off and drops a big ol’ Christmas tree for you to build!

Christmas Tree

christmas-tree-stage-1 christmas-tree-stage-2

christmas-tree-stage-3 christmas-tree-stage-4


Just an FYI, this may be a difficult update to complete… but not to worry… that Christmas tree at the end of the tunnel will give you 1 buck every 24 hours!


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One Response to Unreleased New Year’s Holidays Update

  1. Debbie Swick says:

    This has to be one of the most difficult ones for me so far. The game has become so frustrating for me.

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