Golden Frontier Prospector Guild Update

The Prospector Guild Update was released on 12/8/2016. 

Dear friends!

Help gold prospectors establish their own guild in White hills. Domesticate a wild animal and collect new materials from it, while Prospector guild will bring you useful items every day. The higher your prospector’s guild level is, the bigger and more valuable reward you’ll get! Meet our update PROSPECTOR GUILD!

Quest Information <— Click Here!

If you have not built up your Gold Prospector Town or White Hills Territories, you will have a difficult time completing this update. There is no time limit however, so you can putter at making recipes needed to complete building the Prospector Guild. 

Don’t confuse the Wild Fox with the other Red foxes you see in White Hills. There is only one Wild Fox and he will be asking for the “feed for wild fox.” You will have to give him 3.


After feeding the Wild Fox, you will get a pop-up congratulating you. Now you can purchase “Tame Foxes” from the shop. Buy them in white hills.


Feed the Tame fox with the “Fish for Tame Fox” and receive Fox Fur. (exchange Puppy Feed with the Cowboy with puppies on the Gold Prospector Town location.)

The first 3 stages use only 1 Fish for Tame Fox each. Collection time increases after each feed. (3 minutes)

feeding-home-fox collect-fur-from-fox

The last 3 feeds the Tame foxes require 2 Fish for Tame Fox each. Collection time 10 minutes.


In Gold Prospector Town is where the Cowboy with Puppies is placed. His only obligation (at this time) is exchanging Puppy Feed for Fish for Tame Fox.

cowboy-with-Puppies exchange-with-cowboy-with-puppies

Prospector Guild (click picture below for complete Building Stages) 


New Recipes: Barn: Puppy Feed


Feed for Wild Fox


Steak has been added to the Kitchen… can also me made in the Eatery in San Monsano.


Prospector’s Store : Chrome Plate


Chrome Saw




Prospector’s Provision


Prospector’s Warm Jacket


Spruce Beam


Spruce Billet










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