Golden Frontier Unreleased Miner’s Guild Update

Dear friends!

Help prospectors find their own guilds in the White Hills. Tame a wild animal and collect from him new material, and itself Guild miners will bring you useful things every day. The higher level guild miners, the greater and more valuable will be your reward! Meet our update GUILD gold digger!

In this update:
– New construction: Guild miners, Cowboy with puppies
– New decoration: Dancing gold digger, Artist

Facebook Version Update Info <—- Click Here!!


This update will help players in their effort to build their Horse Exhibition. Build a Miner’s guild, and in between stages, you can collect from it. (just like the Watch Tower) Players that have not been to the Gold Prospector Town or White Hills should probably wait to attempt this update. Most crafting will be done in the Prospector’s Store (gold Prospector Town with small use of the Barn. Most of the update takes place on White Hills.

You will need some Chrome, Chrome Hammers, Spruce Boards, Gold Crumbs, Furs, Dog Feed, Meat Ragout, Prospector’s box, Chipped Granite….. there is no new wish list item this week.

Follow the quests for this one too… they will guide you on your way to success!

miners-guild-page-1 miners-guild-page-2


This is the Miner’s Guild we will be building in White Hills. It has 5 building stages and we will be able to collect rewards every 24 hours in between stages. Just like the Watch Tower, click the UPGRADE button to see building requirements. Don’t waste bucks to speed up collecting rewards… it will not help you build the Miner’s Guild!

miners-guild miners-guild-in-between-stages

miners-guild-stage-1 miners-guild-stage-2

miners-guild-stage-3 miners-guild-stage-4


The first fox you meet is WILD There is only 1 and you will need to feed him 3 Feed for Wild Fox. (barn) He will be wandering around on your White Hills territory.


After you feed the Wild Fox, you will see a pop up congratulating you, and then be able to purchase the tamed “Home Fox.” 

after-feeding-wild-fox-first-time buying-home-fox

The Home Fox requires Fish for Home Foxes and will give Fox Wool. 

feeding-home-fox foxes-after-first-feed

You will need to trade Food for Puppies (barn) from the Cowboy with Puppies to get the Fish for Home Foxes. This is the only trade the Cowboy does at this time. 1 Puppy Feed = 1 Fox Feed… always!

cowboy-with-Puppies cowboy-with-brushes-trade

New Recipes… These could potentially change when released to Face Book!

They made a change on VK and added a new steak recipe to the Kitchen…

Dear friends!

We are going to meet our players. On feed Home fox takes a lot of steak, so we decided to introduce its new production. Look to yourself in the kitchen and find a new recipe for a delicious steak.

I imagine this recipe will be added to our Kitchens once released to facebook as well… I am not totally sure, but I think we will have it as well.


Barn: Feed for Puppies


Feed for Wild Fox (You only need 6 of these!)


Prospector’s Shop (gold prospector town)

Chrome Saw


Chrome Sheet


Gold Digger’s Warm Jacket


Gold Miner’s Provisions


Spruce Beam


Spruce Billet




So… here’s the rub…. Yes, there is Steak in 2 recipes. (Eatery, San Monsano) To make Steak, requires 2 Spicy Soup, which requires Delicacy. Delicacy is obtained by completing levels in the Saloon. So… if the Devs do not change the recipes for the Fox Food and Puppy Food… Some players may need to start building a Saloon again in order to receive Delicacy. Unfortunately (again) the Saloon cannot be deleted until it is completely built. (you can just leave it sit and putter at it… getting enough Delicacy to get you through the update) There is also a Fruit Tree decoration in the shop for bucks (gives 1 delicacy every 12 hours)

Peanuts have been added to the Exchange House in San Monsano as Groundhogs have long since disappeared if you have already built your Saloon the first time. 


All this being said… I think it is unfair to have to start building a Saloon just for Steak in recipes, and this needs to be tweaked. I have already messaged the community on this issue and hoping they will re-think the “steak issue.” So…. If you decide to start crafting ahead and decide to start building another Saloon so you can make Steak… it is completely up to you and your choice. Just remember that I have asked for those recipes to be changed. (remember the unreleased info posted with the Prospector Caravan had recipes with Steak and those were changed when released to Face Book) They may change the recipes, they may not change the recipes having since added peanuts to the Exchange House. We won’t know until the Face Book release this week.


guild-waiting-quest preparation-quest

good-places-quest properly-tame-quest

domestic-fox-quest very-good-quest






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