Golden Frontier Unreleased Exhibition Horses Update

Dear friends,

Mother Carla, is very fond of horses. Help him build a corral with a horse and congratulate the mother. Do not forget to call friends for help in this difficult matter. Get gifts and prizes! Meet our update EXHIBITION HORSES!
In this update:
– New construction: Anvil, corral with a horse
– New decoration: Mother with stroller Mother with baby, veterinarian.


exhibition-page-1 exhibition-page-2


This update is a twist on a new clickable. You will rely on your neighbors as well as yourself in order to get your clickable built. As of yet, there is no timer. Newer players will struggle a bit with this one if they have not yet worked in the Gold Prospector Town and White Hills Territories.

Newest Wish list items are the Card for Mother’s Day and Ancient Horseshoe.

ancient-horseshoe card-for-mothers-day

You can put them in your wish list already (due to a glitch) and start making Horse Forage in the Barn as you will need quite a bit of it. That being said…. the Horse Forage recipe in the Barn is a glitch and may disappear again before this update is released.

You can stock up on Hay, Gold Crumbs, Pure Gold, Chrome, Goat Fur, Quilted Fabric. Amounts depend on the recipes YOU choose to fill your own Paddock.

Horse Forage Recipe  (Barn)


The Anvil is where all the other Recipes will be made. A first Anvil costs 750 Coins. A second will cost 55 Bucks. As of yet… urgent orders can be used.

anvil cost-of-2nd-anvil

anvil-stage-1 anvil-stage-2


Recipes: Horseshoe


Champion Horseshoe




Stake For Horseshoe




Horses will be scattered around your Cloudy Lands. Feed them Horse Forage and they will  drop an Old Horseshoe, Belt Under Rivet or Brush For Horse. Drops are Random!! No way to tell what you get each click, but you will need LOTS of Horse Forage! Horses will reappear automatically without a need to refresh (just like our Halloween chocolate eating kids did!)


Newest Clickable will be Paddock for Horses. This has 5 building stages and will rely on yourself AND neighbors before you will be able to level it up. Place it on Cloudy Lands by the BOAT for easy clicking!


This clickable is different than any other we have had so far. In order to “level up” you must craft Harnesses, Horseshoes and Champion Horseshoes to partially fill yourself. (top section) The bottom section shows how many clicks you need from neighbors. This is what I am calling a “DUAL CLICKABLE.” You need BOTH to be filled before you can get to the next level. Finish completely and you will receive 2 horses I believe… There may be more to it, but until my clickable on VK finishes, I will not know.


You can also help your neighbors with items to speed their Paddock. Yes, the Ancient Horseshoe is a Free Click… It does NOT disappear from your inventory, and you can free click once, like all other clickables. 



metal-work-quest feed-quest

notice-quest anvil-set-but-not-built-quest

first-steps-quest well-done-quest

One more quest cues after finishing the “Well Done” Quest. No idea what it entails as my clickable on vk has not completed yet!




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