Golden Frontier Defensive Update

The Defensive Update was released on 6/12/2016. Bandits became tireless and insolent. Our home may become their target soon enough and we must protect ourselves. Together with your friends you’ll be able to create two mighty Forts to defend your lands from any possible danger in our DEFENSIVE UPDATE!

Defensive Update Quests <— Click here!

There are 2 Forts that can be built The Defensive Fort and Reinforced Fort. The Reinforced Fort costs bucks to build.

Defensive Fort


Reinforced Fort


In the Johntown location you will find new Young Oak Trees. They have whacks per tree and require 5 energy per whack. You can also use Dynamite on them. Collect Oak wood from the Young Oak trees and use them to help yourself build both Forts. 

*** Once you have chopped up all the Young Oak trees, you will need to depend on neighbors to click your Forts and level them.


The Defensive Fort


The Reinforced Fort has 2 recipes you can craft and help build it besides using Oakwood and neighbor clicks.


New Recipes in the Smithy: Iron Cable




New Workshop Recipes : Oak Board




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