Golden Frontier Deep Jungle Update

The Deep Jungle update was released on 9/29/2016. We continue our journey, this time you have to go to a new place – Deep jungle. Explore the Jungle temple and restore it, find out what treasures are hidden in there.

The Main buildings used will be the Smithy and Workshop, with light use of a Textile Workshop.

Deep Jungle Quests <— Click Here!

It will cost you 20 food to travel. The Deep Jungle is located on Map 2.


Entire view of the Deep Jungle


You will be using Sturdy Pickaxes, Explorer’s Backpacks and Durable Axes in this area. Transport them in your boat to the Jungle on order to progress. Can’t remember how to use your boat? Click the boat tutorial for a reminder!

Boat Tutorial


  • Click boat.
  • Load boat.
  • Travel.
  • Click tent.
  • Click transfer all.

Similar to the Lost Isles and Lost Pyramid Updates, you make your way down the path. It is not nearly as difficult to navigate, and not so Energy consuming as you might think. The goal of this update is to build the Jungle Temple, which has 5 stages with rewards at each stage. 

Coconut and Banana Trees use 1 Researcher/Explorer Backpack per whack. Both trees have 15 whacks per tree and give 1 Coconut/Banana each.

banana-palm coconut-palm

Tin Veins are also new to the game. Gather Tin Ore from them using Sturdy Pickaxes. Tin Veins have 15 or 20 whacks each and give 1 Tin Ore per whack. 


Durable Axe is used on most of the Oak Trees.


Along the way you will see “torches” with stars over them. You don’t need to clear a path to them, they are clickable right away. Receive some coins and experience every 6 hours. These are merely extra little “decor rewards.”


The Jungle Temple is located toward the bottom right of the path. You don’t need to make a path to it right away. It is completely clickable and ready to start being built as you make your way towards it while chopping for Bananas, Coconuts and Tin/Ore.


There are 5 Stages to build the Jungle Temple. Use Explorer’s Helmets, Spears and Offerings to fill each stage and receive a Bronze Statue after completing each stage. Complete level 5 and receive a Bronze Statue that gives a Buck every 24 hours!

  • Stage 1 (0-25 points)
  • Stage 2 (25-75 points)
  • Stage 3 (75-200 points)
  • Stage 4 (200-400 points)
  • Stage 5 (500-750 points)golden-frontier-jungle-temple

jungle-temple-stage-1 golden-frontier-jungle-temple-stage-2

golden-frontier-jungle-temple-stage-3 golden-frontier-jungle-temple-stage-4


There are more Bananas, Coconuts and Tin Ore available in the Trading post.


New Recipes

Textile Workshop: Explorer’s Backpack (instant recipe)


Durable Axe


Explorer’s Hat




Smithy: Tin




Aborigines Gift


There is a 5 day timer attached, and perhaps building a few extra Smithys and Workshops (if you have the resources) and using Urgent orders will help you along the way! The timer gives you EXTRA rewards, it does not take away from game play. You can complete the Temple and still receive the nice decor that gives a buck a day.

If you are low on Cotton Seeds and Red Flowers, you can trade in the Trading Post



Or Craft them in the Agronomist’s House


Copper Ore can be crafted in the Quarry



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