Unreleased Mystery Update (Caravan of Prospectors)

Info Has Changed on vk… Be prepared for different changes to this update when released on Facebook!

Dear friends,

dear friends, soon to update CARAVAN gold miners will be amended.
1. Hurry now is to finish the bench pet, as its construction is somewhat complicated. At the same time buy couches pets can be for ordinary coins.
2. Caravan miners will be much more profitable, but to fill it will have to work longer.

Will have info updates asap… New update has arrived. That being said, this is all based on the Russian Version of the game. Info and materials/recipes are likely to change when released to Face book as long as we continue to give unreleased data. If you choose to make materials ahead of time, it is of your own volition. We are not responsible for changes the developers make to the game.

New Building limitations may be in place when this update arrives.

Dear friends,

in White Hills comes the famous caravan of miners, but so far only one person has arrived. He says – Something went wrong … they were attacked, but they were not bandits. Meet our update CARAVAN gold digger!

In this update:
– New construction: Caravan miners, couches pet
– New decoration: Stone-feeder with deer
– new animal: wooly pig


I am not sure how this update will work out considering the changes made to the face book version and needing gold crumbs for the pure gold needed for the Thanksgiving Update. The Devs will need to do some revamping in this. Keep whacking blocks in the cave for Gold Crumbs, and make prospector Trays and get Gold Crumbs from the Gold Bearing Spring. We will have to work together in this for lack of Gold Crumbs and Fir Needles. You can Scrap the Thanksgiving Update if you choose to since it is temporary and limited time. GFC told me the Thanksgiving missions will disappear after the timer runs out.

caravan-page-1 caravan-page-2


The Caravan of Prospectors is a clickable that is Purchased with Gold Crumbs and placed on the White Hills Territory.

Glass Flask is the newest free gift you will need to add to your Wish List.


New Hairy Pig and Pet Husky. The Hairy Pig will use Tomato as first feed. After that is will be fed Mixed Fodder and give Raw Meat.


Pet Husky will help protect you against the Foxes. There are 3 building stages to the Husky before you can feed him.

pet-husky-stage-1 pet-husky-stage-2


After you have built your pet you will feed him Dog Feed. After feeding him, you will see a Smiley Face Icon above his head, letting you know he is ready to go hunting. Then you will click on the Foxes (Red, White and Black) that appear in your White Hills Territory. (Your Husky needs to be fed in order for him to catch the foxes.) Each fox will take away a certain amount of food from your Husky. Keep feeding your Husky so he will catch the foxes. The Foxes give Materials you can use to craft items to speed up the “clicks” on the Caravan of Prospectors. 


You can feed your Husky Dog Feed with what ever amount you have made in your Kitchen. The Amount of total food you have is on the left. The amount of food your Husky has in his tummy is on the right. As your husky catches Foxes, it uses up stored food. When the Food runs out, the Smiley Face Icon will disappear and you will need to feed him. 


Note: If your Husky only has 10 Feed left, he cannot catch a White or Red Fox, and it will tell you that you need to Feed the Husky more food.

There are 3 different Foxes that will appear in your White Hills Territory. Black, Red and White. Each gives different Materials and takes away food from your Husky.

  • Black (10 Dog Feed)
  • Red (20 Dog Feed)
  • White (30 Dog Feed)


The Caravan of Prospectors is a new Clickable that you place in White Hills. There will be 2 recipes you can craft in the Prospector’s Store at the Gold Prospector Town to help you level your Caravan. Neighbors will be able to visit and use free clicks to help you as well. You can opt to not really use materials needed for recipes and let neighbors “free click” and save yourself a lot of work.

cost-of-caravan hunters-caravan

Healing Balm and Caravan Luggage are the 2 recipes you can choose to craft to help you build your Caravan. 


New Possible Kitchen Recipes  

Note: Some ingredients like Honey and Steak will be harder to get because of the ingredients needed. As of yet, to make Steak you need 2 Spicy Soups for each Steak recipe… Spicy Soup requires Delicacy which is obtained by building the Saloon, and the Saloon recipes require Peanuts obtained by clicking Groundhogs….which have long since disappeared if you have finished that Mission. Therefore, you will probably opt to make some of the other Dog Feed recipes unless the Devs change a few things. These recipes may also change when released to Face Book!

Dog Feed x 10


Dog Feed x 25



Dog Feed x50


Dog Feed x100


Mixed Fodder


New Possible recipes in Prospector Shop (Gold Prospecting Town)

Healing Balm


Caravan Luggage


This is all the info available. What happens if/when we can no longer give upcoming info? We play like the game was meant to be played at a slower pace. We putter through…. like we did at the beginning of the game when there was no upcoming info or Blog!









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