Unreleased Thanksgiving Update

Dear friends,

Create a lot of amazing dishes! Earn special currency – gold coins, which you can exchange for festive decorations. Meet our update THANKSGIVING!


thanksgiving-page-1 thanksgiving-page-2


This is a temporary 2 week update. If you don’t participate while it is here, you will not be able to later. Similar to other “seasonal” updates we have had, this one will give us reward items that when collected from will help with the Gold Prospector Town and White Hills locations.

Not much prep ahead can be done except for planting some Pumpkins and Edelweiss ahead, stocking up on some Hay and maybe saving some bucks to purchase a 2nd crafting building (Festive Cook) (or stock up on urgent orders)

Not having enough Edelweiss will be the biggest hangup for this update. Try to start out with at least 300… 

This update is much like the Sheriff, Vlad, Edward, etc… You will be crafting recipes and trading them to the “kid” who in turn will give you coins that you can trade in for decor. 

New Wish List Item will be Mountain Grass… You may want to hold off sending gifts right away on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday until you know the update has been released. We will need quite a good amount right off the bat so make sure you get it in your wish list and send it to your friends. It is needed to make the Edelweiss Bouquets wish is the main starting point of recipes.


The newest animal is a Dairy sheep. It uses 5 grass to start and then uses 2 Hay for each stage. This is where you will get the new Sheep milk from. 

dairy-sheep  sheep-uses-2-hay-each sheep-milk

Newest crop is Sweet Potato. Takes 20 minutes to grow and can be planted in a seed bed or the Greenhouse


There will also be the addition of Bee hives to collect Honey from. Each Beehive will have 12 uses before it is exhausted. After that you whack it twice and receive 2 planks from it. The Beehive uses a bouquet of Edelweiss and you may harvest 1 honey every 5 minutes. This is your biggest starting point to get you on your way to crafting other recipes. You will need to be able to make a good amount of Edelweiss Bouquets to keep your beehives pumping honey.

beehive beehive-1

The Festive Cook is where you will craft the recipes for this update. 1st purchase is 350 coins. 2nd is 50 bucks, 3rd is 75 bucks. Honestly you probably can get by on only using 1 cart. You can use urgent orders, but this update will last for 2 weeks… and honestly… the rewards aren’t really something to write home about. 

festive-cook festive-cook-50-bucks festive-cook-3rd-75-bucks

The Kid with the cart is where you will trade your Goodies for Gold Coins. He will ask for an item and you must give him what he wants in order to move on. No amount of refreshing will change what he asks for. He may ask for the same item several times in a row. What he asks for is RANDOM and will be different for each player.


These are the possible items the Kid will ask for.

baked-pies-trade egg-salad-trade

mead-trade pumpkin-bread-trade

pumpkin-dish-trade sheeps-milk-cheese-trade

New Recipes: Festive Cook

Bouquet of Edelweiss


Sheep Cheese


Baked Pies


Egg Salad


Honey Drink


Pumpkin Bread


Pumpkin Dish


Here are the quests which are not translated, but there are quite simple to accomplish.

a-beautiful-bouquet-quest a-day-without-giftf-quest but-how-do-you-cook-quest establish-honey-production-quest favorite-dishes-sweet-tooth-quest holiday-cooking-quest how-do-you-cook-quest invite-festive-cook-quest salad-with-bread-delicious-quest sheep-gave-milk-quest sheep-give-milk-quest strange-root-quest what-a-strange-buzzing-quest







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