Golden Frontier Unreleased Treasure Cave Update

Dear friends!

Discover treasure seekers. This gallant horse will take you to ancient caves full of wealth. Meet our update Treasure Cave!

In this update:
– New decoration: Cart archaeologist, Crystal Sanchez and pirate treasure
is also a new adventure! Go to the cave in search of the lost ancient idols and riches, there you will have to search. In your arsenal of 12 Hats archaeologist, each recovering 10 minutes. The cave is a lot of chests with valuable prizes, you can stumble on them by examining cells. From each studied cells fall bonus. Also, you will meet ancient traps, stumbled on that you can not move on until you destroy this obstacle. Hurry to collect as many valuables as possible, because the Treasure Cave will act only 2 weeks!


Similar to the Abandoned Mine, the Treasure Cave will help you in the 2 Newest Territories. Get ready for loads of treasure hunting fun!

treasure-cave-page-1 treasure-cave-page-2


This is the entire Cave… It is not nearly as deep as the Abandoned Cave!


This has all the same principles as the Abandoned Mine did. Use Archaeologist Hats to “dig” in the cave and uncover chests. As you move, you will come upon “Ancient Traps” that will need to be cleared in order to proceed forward. Either make the required materials, or use the new Cave Maps to blow up the trap. 

Reminder… The Blue chests need Stone Keys. There are no quests saying you have to open them up. You can leave them completely alone. Stone Keys are RARE RANDOM DROPS from chests. There is no guarantee that you will find any. You may find 1 or 2 in a chest, and receive from a quest reward. The Blue chests are extra and not necessary to open!



  • Collect Cave Idols to trade for 3 different prizes.
  • Archaeologist Hats regenerate every 10 minutes to a max of 12
  • Cave Maps are a random drop from chests 
  • Stone Keys are RARE drops from chests… There is no guarantee you will find one. 







This is the Treasure Hunter… Here is where you may click to open your Treasure Cave. Place him on Cloudy where you can easily find him!


Archaeologist Hats regenerate every 10 Minutes up to 12 of them. When you have 12, they won’t regenerate again until you use one.


These are the rewards you can work towards getting in the Treasure Cave. 


Ancient Traps will come up many times as you work your way in the Treasure Cave. You may come across 1 or even 2 at a time. 

ancient-trap 2-ancient-traps

Here are a few examples of Ancient Traps. Craft the item needed to dig it out or use a Cave Map to pass. (Explosive left over from the Abandoned Mine is not used.)

ancient-trap-2 ancient-trap-3

ancient-trap-4 ancient-trap-5

ancient-trap-6 ancient-trap-7

As you move, receive Gold Crumbs, Coins and Experience


This is what may be inside chests. All items are random and not guaranteed to drop.


These are rewards from opening 1 Gold Chest.


New Recipe in Workshop: Archaeologist Tools


Textile Workshop: Archaeologist Jacket


Archaeologist Bag


New to trade in the Hotel at Gold Prospector Town




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