Golden Frontier Treasure of the North Update

Treasure of the North was released on October 19, 2016. We receive a nee Territory: Gold Prospector Town. A wintery snow covered area complete with new buildings, recipes, decor, and structures that can be built and collect from. Patience is needed and if you haven’t completed many early quests, it will be difficult to try and keep up with current updates. We recommend you work on the back of your book and complete old updates before attempting this one. 

Treasure of the North Quests <— Click Here!

It will cost 20 food to travel each time you visit.


The complete area


 Black Spruce gives Fir Needles and Lingonberry Bush gives Lingonberries, Each use 1 Energy per whack.

big-black-spruce lingonberry-bush

Chrome Veins give Chrome Ore. Use 1 Sturdy Pickaxe per whack


Black Granite veins give Black Granite and some drops of Black Coal. Use 1 Sturdy Pickaxe per whack.


Prospector Store is one of the new crafting buildings. Urgent orders cannot be used. Click the picture below for building requirements


Prospector’s Warehouse is the second building use to craft recipes. Urgent Orders cannot be used here either. Click the picture below for building requirements.


In the Hotel you can trade for some items. It will most likely have more items to trade in the future. Click the Picture below for building requirements.

golden-frontier-hotel  hotel-trade

Dog Sled: Click the Picture for building requirements


The Snowslip must be built before you can proceed farther down the Gold Prospector Territory. Click the picture to see building requirements.


The gold bearing stream has a limited use of 5 times max. Use the gold wisely!! Once it is exhausted, it cannot be used. We have no idea if it will be used in future updates.

golden-frontier-gold-bearing-stream-1 golden-frontier-gold-bearing-stream


Old prospector’s House. Click the picture to see building requirements.




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