Unreleased Huntsmen Camps

These are what the Camps look like. There are 3 of them. They all have the same function… to craft recipes. Each one has different building requirements. Quest requirements will have you build 2 of them. The 3rd one is OPTIONAL, is the hardest and uses Gold Crumbs to buy the huntsmen for crafting.


Inside there are 2 empty slots and 2 different huntsmen you can choose to do the crafting. The Master Huntsmen and the Joiner Huntsmen. Each Huntsmen has his own set of recipes he can craft. You may have 2 of the same kind of huntsmen, but I recommend using one of each to start out with. In these camps you can craft 2 different recipes at the same time. 



The First Camp uses Coins to buy the Huntsmen. Pick one for each slot.


You can craft 2 recipes inside the Camp. Urgent orders cannot be used.



Inside you can craft new recipes as well as a couple of the current recipes made at the Gold Prospector’s Town


Master Huntsmen Recipes


Joiner Huntsmen Recipes







Gold Miner’s Camp


Cost for Huntsmen in Gold Miner’s Camp


Old Camp

old-camp-stage-1 old-camp-stage-2



Cost for Huntsmen in Old Camp if you choose 1 of each


You can choose to buy the same huntsmen for crafting , but it will cost more Gold Crumbs. A 2nd Master or Joiner Huntsmen costs 150 Gold Crumbs.


Abandoned Camp: Reminder, there is NOT a quest to build this, it is optional and can be built at any time and used for crafting.

abandoned-camp-stage-1 abandoned-camp-stage-2

abandoned-camp-stage-3 abandoned-camp-stage-4

Cost of Huntsmen for Abandoned Camp (no info yet on a 2nd same huntsmen)



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