Unreleased All Saints Night Update

Dear friends!
Meet Prince horror. Vlad once again decided to look into our game. Prepare special accommodations for him – the house of fear. Distribute sweets to children and prepare for the most important night of the year in our update All Saints Night!!!

In this update:
– New building: The house of fear
– New decoration: Carnival wagon and Ghost
– New holiday with unique prizes


The main buildings used for this update are the Kitchen and Confectioner’s Shop. (limit of 3 total Confectioner’s Shops) All info provided is based on the Game from VK. Changes are usually made for the Fb Version! This is a 2 week Limited time update with a Top 100 contest. New Halloween Deco will be available to purchase from the shop with coins…. You can make your Frontier a bit more creepy looking!

Thinking of spending Bucks to purchase another Confectioner’s Shop? A 2nd one costs 25 GF Bucks and a 3rd will cost 50 GF Bucks. Here are the Building requirements. <—Click here

Things you can do to help prepare are:

  • Be prepared for changes to the Face Book version of the game
  • Have Icing, Caramel and Spices (regular, not new) in Wish List
  • Plant Cacao Trees
  • Make ahead Cacao Powder, Baked Milk, Butter, Dark Chocolate and Milk Chocolate
  • Have Bananas and Coconut (from the losts on Map 2)
  • Cowberries and Radishes from the new North Campus (Gold Miner’s City)
  • Start feeding Cows/Goats for the milk needed for the Baked Milk recipe

all-saints-page-1 all-saints-page-2

all-saints-page-3 all-saints-page-4


The long and short of this update is to give the Children in Costume (trick or treaters) the type of candy they are asking for. In return you will receive paper bats, coins and experience. Use the bats in the House of Fear and exchange them for prizes. After claiming all prizes, then move up in the Top 100 competition. It will take 2000 Paper Bats to collect all the rewards. Trick or Treaters give 4-5 paper bats each time, and they automatically reappear without the need to refresh your game.

The “consignment notes” allow you to purchase Halloween Decorations for Coins from the shop AFTER you claim them from the House of Fear. You cannot buy them from the shop until then.

These little costumed chocolate gobblers will be all over in your cloudy lands! Like previous updates, you must give them what they are asking for. Remember, this is a 2 week update…. by the 2nd week, you will be kinda sick of seeing them and making chocolate! You do NOT have to participate in the TOP 100, but you will have 2 weeks to claim all the prizes in the House of Fear.

trick-or-treat-1 trick-or-treat-2 trick-or-treater

House of Fear with a few of the new coin Decos


Inside the House of Fear is where you turn in the Paper Bats for the prizes. Your total count of Paper Bats will remain the same even after collecting a prize. The total amount goes towards the Top 100 competition.

house-of-fear-page-1 house-of-fear-page-2


After collecting an item, it will be check marked off. You may claim each prize ONCE.


Reminder: The new decor can only be purchased AFTER you collect the “consignment note” from the House of Fear

decor decor-1

Candy recipes are made in the Kitchen. They are all instant recipes and 1 recipe makes 5 chocolate candies.

Chocolate Candy ( not sure if this will remain the same when released to Facebook) 


Caramel Candy


Cowberry Candy


Coconut Candy


Banana Candy



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