Golden Frontier October Festival Update

October Festival was released on 10/12/2016. An exciting update that has many changes versus the VK version of the game. There is not a top 300 contest, it is a Top 100 contest. Prizes were changed as well as recipes and points toward the Restaurant!

Quest Info <— Click here!

The Festival Tent is a new clickable that you should place on Cloudy Lands.



As you are visiting neighbors, you have the option to craft extra items to help fill a neighbor’s Tent… it is optional. You can easily choose to “free click.”


The Autumn Restaurant has 5 levels. Claim the prize after filling each level. After filling the restaurant, you can opt to participate in the Top 100 contest.


  • Stage 1 (0-25 points)
  • Stage 2 (25-125 points)
  • Stage 3 (125-500 points)
  • Stage 4 (500-1000 points)
  • Stage 5 (1000-1500 points)







restaurant-stage-1 golden-frontier-autumn-restaurant-stage-2

restaurant-stage-4 restaurant-stage-5

The Contest has changed from the VK Version of the game. It is no longer a Top 300. It is a Top 100 Contest. At the end of the 2 week competition, prizes will be awarded.

top-100 prizes

At the River in Tom’s House, you can trade White Gold and Gold Nuggets for the Clasps.


Textile Workshop Recipes:

Festival Costume 


Festival Hat


New Kitchen Recipes: Autumn Drink


Festival Gingerbread Man


Salty Pretzel


Autumn Sausages




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