Unreleased Treasures of the North Update

Dear friends,

The North campus miners are waiting for you. Disassemble the collapse, restore buildings and go forth in search of pure gold in our update TREASURE OF THE NORTH!


This update takes place on map 1. This is kind of a cross between San Monsano, Valley and Lost Isle. Many items used for it are new and not able to be crafted ahead of time. Stock yourself up on PATIENCE… Urgent Orders can not be used on recipes crafted at the Gold Miner’s City (like San Monsano) 

Stock up on Sturdy Pickaxes and Energy!

The new Gold Miner’s City is located just above the Mountain Pass. Cost is 20 Food to travel.


Gold Miner’s City


treasures-page-1 treasures-page-2

treasures-page-3 treasures-page-4

New trees and bushes that use energy to clear… 1 energy per whack :

Black Spruce Tree (gives Needles)


Cowberry Bush (gives Cowberry)


Familiar to you will be the North Trees, Ashberry Bush, Snow Piles and Stumps. 1 Energy per whack.


These use Sturdy Pickaxes, 1 Energy per whack:

Black Granite Vein (gives Black Granite and Coal Stone)


Chrome Ore Vein (gives Chrome Ore)


Newest crop is radishes… you can use plots at the Miner’s City and use your greenhouse t0 grow them


The Miner’s Warehouse and Miner’s Shop will be the crafting buildings used. Keep in mind, that the recipes will require the use of Huntsmen Tents. Only regular Huntsmen tents are available for purchase in the VK version of the game. It may change when released to Facebook. You will also need to upgrade them once. <— Click here for building information of Huntsmen Tents.

You new Territory comes with a Miner’s Shop and Miner’s Warehouse already there. You can purchase more of them with Gold nuggets. 2nd build costs 100 Gold Nuggets. 3rd Build costs 250 Gold Nuggets. 4th build costs 50 Bucks.

2nd-buildings 3rd-buildings 4th

Click the Image below to see building and recipe information

Miner’s Shop                               Miner’s Warehouse

miners-shop   miners-warehouse

The Hotel is where trading will occur


hotel-stage-1 hotel-stage-2


There will be 3 structures that once built, will give items to help in the game.

The Collapse gives Coins, Experience and Black Granite or Chrome Ore every 8 Hours


collapse-stage-1 collapse-stage-2


Dog Sled gives Coins, Experience and 15 Energy every 12 Hours


dog-sled-stage-1 dog-sled-stage-2

dogsled-stage-3 dog-sled-stage-4

Old Miner’s House gives gives Coins, Experience and an Artisinal Tray every 8 Hours


old-miners-house-stage-1 old-miners-house-stage-2


The Gold Bearing Stream is where you can get Gold Flakes. It uses an Artisinal tray. You have the ability to retrieve 5 gold flakes before the Stream is exhausted. At this time, the Stream can only be used these 5 times….



Note: The regular Market will not be available in this location… Space is a bit cramped and you may need to do a bit of clearing in order to purchase more Huntsmen Tents, Miner’s Warehouse and Shops. You will NOT be able to use this location as an alternative area to have extra buildings and do crafting other than for this location’s requirements.









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