Golden Frontier Observatory Update

The Observatory Update was released on 10/6/2016. A new building (Big Observatory) recipes and use of the Academy and Laboratory will be sure to keep you busy while having fun at the same time!

Note to Lower Level Players: You will need to have worked on the “Inventive Update” and built an Academy and Laboratory in order to work on this update. There is no timer, and you can work on getting rewards from the Academy at any time. It does not expire. 

Recipes include longer craft times… The Astronomical Almanac is a 4 hour craft and uses 4 huntsmen. Remember to have your huntsmen tents upgraded to both craft the recipe and have enough working. You can also increase work time by using potions made in the Summer Kitchen!

New free gift (Astronomer’s Notes) will need to be added to your wish list!


Observatory Quests <—- Click here

Follow the quests and get your Big Observatory Built, then work on inventing the rewards in the Academy! Click the Picture below to see Big Observatory Building Info!


New Workshop Recipe: Grindery


New Laboratory Recipes: Measuring Tools


Telescope Lens






Star Map


Astronomical Almanac


The Academy now has 3 more pages in which you add the new crafted items and in return, get a few cool rewards! Pick and choose which you want to obtain first!

Golden Frontier Academy

  • Astronomer’s table gives Astronomer’s Notes, Coins and Experience
  • Chest with Clothing gives new Avatar attire
  • Astronomer gives Offerings, 3 explorer Backpacks, Coins and Experience




academy-page-1 academy-page-2





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