Golden Frontier Library Update

The Library Update, released on 9/22/2016 gives players a new way to visit neighbors. New Clickables are also introduced that are only placed in the “Town” location.

Colored Ink is our new Wish list item that we will need lots of!


Library Update Quests <—- Click Here!

To visit in a neighbor’s territory and click their Library, Click the Yellow Arrows left or right until you see the Town Icon. Then click the Town and their Town Location will Load. 


You may also want to consider putting a Lantern by your boat on Cloudy… it is a solution players have come up with to signify you having a clickable at a different location.


Help your neighbor build their Library by giving them a free click. The same is also for the Central Library


In this update, quests require you to place a “clickable” Library in the Town location. They are highlighted and have the same icon as if you were in Cloudy Lands.

Special Note: There will be a 3 day quest to BUY the Central Library. It costs 30 GF bucks. The rewards for completing the quests aren’t all that spectacular…. that being said, you can let the quest expire and have 5 fewer quests to do.



Lost Book piles will give Textbooks that can be used to help you fill the new Library and Central Library. Located on the Mountain Pass Location only, they use 5 energy per click. You can use the “clue” icon at the bottom left of your game to help you find them. Once gone, refresh your game to find more piles. You can do this 5 times for a maximum amount of 250 Textbooks before the Lost Book Piles stop reappearing. Click the magnifying glass to help you find lost book piles.

books  textbooks

The Library can be placed on some other locations but place it on the Town Location so players can find it easily.



Central Library (optional to build)



The Library has 5 Levels. Besides free neighbor clicks, you can use the Textbooks found from Lost Books on the Mountain Pass to help you build it.


  • Stage 0 (0-15)
  • Stage 1 (15-35)
  • Stage 2 (35-75)
  • Stage 3 (75-150)
  • Stage 5 (150-300)
  • Gift stage





The Central Library also has 5 levels. Use crafted items, books and free neighbor clicks to help you build it.


  • Level 0 (0-10)
  • Level 1 (10-30)
  • Level 2 (30-65)
  • Level 3 (65-125)
  • Level 4 (125-250)
  • gift stage




As you level the Library, receive lots of goodies… Energy, Coins, Experience, Collection Items, Cloudy Lands Items, San Monsano Items and even some Prospector Shovels to go digging in your Mine!

These new recipes won’t be used on the regular Library. You will only use them if you decide to buy the Central Library. The License used for the Membership Card Recipe is crafted in the Secretariat!

New Workshop Recipe: Book Case


Printing Press: Membership Card


Educational Article






So, what can you do now? Honestly, it depends how much energy you have and some “town resources.” Here is about where your game loads in yours and your neighbor’s Towns. Since it is easiest to find clickables where the game loads on Cloudy Lands, it would also be easier for your neighbors to put their Library where the game loads. Cleaning your Town up a bit so you can Place the Library (and Central Library if you choose to buy it) where it loads will help your neighbors find them faster and easier.


Clickables placed where the Town naturally loads


Trump Saws and Sulfur are in the Trading Post



Powder Barrels are crafted in the Laboratory


White gold can be crafted in the Small Mine of Gold Diggers in the Valley and in the Mine.

Small mine of Gold Diggers:







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