Golden Frontier Unreleased Observatory Update

Dear friends,

Ancient travelers discovered continents traveling through the stars! Explore this ancient science. Also, do not miss the opportunity to get a new outfit for your character. Meet our Observatory Update!



observatory-page-1 observatory-page-2



2 New Free Gifts to add to your Wish List: Astronomer Notes, Astronomical Almanac


Quest Information <— click here!

In this update we again use the Academy and invent schemes and obtain other decor. You will need to first invent the 2 new schemes in order to build the Observatory. This update will contain a lot of crafting, but we will again be back on cloudy lands!

Lower level players who have not worked on the “Inventive Update” will not be able to participate in this one. You will need to build or have built the Academy and Laboratory. If you have the resources, perhaps building a few extra Laboratories (or taking out of inventory) will help ease the longer crafting times of the new recipes involved. Printing presses are another thing you may want to consider having a few extra of (paper, encyclopedias, etc)

Keep in mind the 3 recipes involved in the use of the academy will all be used in different amounts by each player. We can suggest items to stock up on, but amounts will be up to each player how they decide to tackle the requirements!

****A few things you can make ahead of time to help prepare for this update include Steel, Encyclopedias, Paper, Ink (collection), Emery, Iron, Gears,  (collection) Retorts, Scales, Planks, Plywood, Rulers, Glass, Ash (collection)

****Wish list items include Clover Seals, Iron Parts, Work Gloves, Colored Ink

Changes made on VK…. No inventing of the Grinding Machine and Measuring Instrument are necessary, they are now just craftable without needing to invent them…. This may or may not be the same in the facebook version!!

There are 3 new pages added to the Academy.

These 3 pages are decor or avatar clothing to claim as prizes. There is no particular order on which one you want to claim first. There are no quests or time limitations, so you can putter at it and eventually have a few extra things for your game. Crafting times for these new items are a bit longer, and this will take some time to complete. (just the same as it took time the first time we invented dynamite, the Scientist and Airship) *** The points for each item crafted are different on each page. This is not a mistake. Unlike most updates where players focus on the highest point item to add, this allows all 3 crafts to be worked on and added.***

academy-stage-3 academy-stage-4


This is the “chest of clothes” with the avatar gear inside (even though it doesn’t look like a chest until you open your inventory to place it. Also, what the Avatar’s look like while wearing their new outfits.

chest-of-clothes boy girl

The Great Observatory, when built gives Energy, Coins, Experience and 2 Astronomer Notes every 12 Hours. 


great-observatory-stage-1 great-observatory-stage-2


New Workshop Recipe: Grinding Machine


New Laboratory Recipes: Measuring Instrument


Telescope Lens


Objective Lens




Starry Map


Astronomical Almanac






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