Golden Frontier Abandoned Mine Update

Dear friends!

Welcome back on Cloudy lands and head to Abandoned mine in search of treasures! Meet our update ABANDONED MINE.

In this update:
– New decorations: Precious vein, Drilling rig
New mini-game “Abandoned mine”:
You have 12 Prospector’s spade, each spade recovering for 10 minutes. There is a lot of chests with valuable prizes in this mine, and you can stumble upon them digging cells. Also, there will be Hard rocks, and you will not be able to dig more until you destroy this obstacle.

Hurry to collect a lot of treasures, because Abandoned mine will be available only for 2 weeks!

Released on 9/15/2016


If you are having loading issues, and you were trying to visit the Lost Isles, this tip from a fellow player Jo-Anne, may just help you get in the game:

Okay my game got stuck going to Lost Islands and would only load to 69%… I fixed it !!! You may want to try doing this… NO GUARANTEES!!! If it gets stuck then reload… will only get to 69%.
if you then (1) click on bottom left corner near the Enixan logo as shown in the pic…
you will notice (2) that the side area on the right changes colour to a darker shade.
It seems at this stage you really should be seeing the map page. I then clicked on the middle of the screen where I thought a map may be …. the side bar will remain darker shaded if you clicked the right spot. Then click on center screen about a third of the way up where you would normally get the popup asking for food to go to that map. Got me back to Cloudy… It is all trial and error with clicking on the right spot.

If this still does not work for you, on my Face book wall is a video I made to show people how to do it. (don’t laugh though. I never make videos, lol! No need to send me a friend request. I made the video public for anyone to see.


Yes, This update has been changed quite a bit from the VK version of the game!! New recipes have been added to the Textile Workshop, Workshop and Smithy. The Abandoned Mine is “invisible.” It is NOT located in San Monsano. This is a special 2 week limited time update. If you don’t participate now, you will NOT be able to later.

Quest info <—- Click here!

From Cloudy Lands, click the “cart icon” in the top left corner of your game to get to the Abandoned Mine. Once you are in the Mine, wait until you see the blocks appear before trying to click in the mine. Trying to click too quickly, or load the Abandoned Mine from other locations usually causes your game to freeze.


Welcome to the Abandoned Mine! You start with 25 Prospector’s Spades. Dig each block and search for treasures. 1 Space uses 1 Prospector’s Spade. Opening a chest uses 1 shovel as well. Along the way, you will come across “Hard Rocks” that will block your way. Click the Hard Rock, and see what is needed to 1. Dig the Rock up or 2. Blow it up with Explosive.


  • Prospector’s Spades will regenerate every 10 minutes, up to 12.
  • Prospector’s Spades are not craftable or sendable.
  • Explosive is not craftable or Sendable.
  • Explosive can be purchased and also received from rare drops when opening Chests.


To dig in your mine, click a block. Then hover your mouse over the spade, Then click the spade. (it will slightly change a lighter shade of yellow.) There is no particular way you need to go inside the mine to find Chests. It will be different for each player.

click-block hover-mouse

Receive Vouchers, Coins and Experience for each block removed.


Along the way, Hard Rock blockages will appear. Sometimes even 2 will appear at the same time. Click on the Hard Rock and you will see what is needed to clear it.

1-hard-rock 2-hard-rocks

These are some of the examples that could come up. They are different for each player. 

hard-rock-blockage-1 hard-rock-blockage-2

hard-rock-blockage-3 hard-rock-blockage-4 hard-rock-blockage-5 hard-rock-blockage-6 hard-rock-blockage-7 hard-rock-blockage-8 hard-rock-blockage-9 hard-rock-blockage-10

hard-rock-blockage-12 hard-rock-blockage-11

Yes, there are some small glitches… Scrambled eggs when crafted go into your food, and not the warehouse. The Devs have been notified and will work a fix as soon as possible. It will be up to you to choose how you want to handle this if you get this kind of item to craft. You can wait for them to fix it. You can spend the bucks to buy them, or use explosive if you have any. Message them on the community page  . Remember, you can patiently wait for them to fix it.


Receive random amounts of Coins, Experience, Cloudy Lands items, San Monsano items, Energy, Precious Gems, Collection Items and Vouchers. It may be different each time you clear a Hard Rock.


There are 4 types of chests in the Abandoned Mine. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Blue (Precious Chests). The Precious Chests need a Key to open. Keys are RARE drops from chests., finishing the 3 quests will give you a key, or you can opt to buy them. You can leave the locked chests alone and not need to open them. It is completely up to you!


Each chest could contain numerous possibilities, and no chest will contain the same amount of items. It is completely random!


In the Shop you can spend the Precious gems you have collected. Use gems to buy the parts needed. You need 100 of each part to collect the decoration. 


  • Minecart (500 gems total) Gives Vouchers
  • Miner (1000 gems total) Gives Payment coupons
  • Foreman (1500 gems total) gives a buck every other day
  • You can collect each decoration only ONCE




New recipes have also been added to the Textile Workshop, Workshop and Smithy.

Textile Workshop: Quilted Fabric


Quilt Blanket


Workshop: Boards for Mine


Barrels and Boxes


Smithy: Rugged Wire







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