Unreleased Library Quests

There are 11 Quests with this update. There is 1 Timed quest to build the Central Library, and 4 quests that follow the timed quest. You can let the timed quest expire and disappear if you choose to!

book-keeper-quest lost-knowledge-quest

a-trip-to-the-town-quest knowledge-is-power-quest

the-manuscript-is-not-lit-quest complete-set-of-volumes-quest

The following quests revolve around building the Central Library, starting with the timed quest to buy it. Since it costs bucks to buy it, and the quest rewards for finishing the timed quest are not that spectacular, you really can just let the timed quest expire and not have to have an extra clickable in your Town area. 

central-library-quest the-right-ink-quest

knowledge-power-quest literature-quest



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