Golden Frontier Coaching Inn Update

The Coaching Inn Update, released on 9/7 2016 brings us a new Summer Saloon and Coaching Inn to build in San Monsano. 

Be very aware… changes have been made to the Face Book version on the game. Info in the unreleased version will not be the same! Follow the quests, and don’t make random recipes…

Delicacy only drops from finishing levels on the Saloon, is not sendable, cannot be put in wish list and is VERY LIMITED. Don’t make recipes using it unless you need the recipe for a stage of the Inn. Otherwise, you won’t have enough and will need to spend bucks.


Quest info <— Click Here! New timed quest added on 9/9/2016

Groundhogs need Nets in order to be caught. 5 will appear at a time in San Monsano only.


Use the blue help button to help you find them. 


If you get this message, just refresh your game and 5 more will appear. You need to catch all 5 in order for more to appear. Completing quests do not make more appear!


The Summer Saloon has 5 levels. You must complete a level of the Saloon in order to be able to build the Inn. Previously on the VK Version, using items to build the Saloon gave you what was needed for the Inn. This has been changed!! Completing each level of the Saloon will give you a limited amount of Delicacy needed to slowly build your Inn. Follow the stages, and only craft what is required for each stage of the Inn!

golden-frontier-summer-saloon golden-frontier-summer-saloon-building-stage-1

Building Summer Saloon


  • Stage 1 (0-20 points)
  • Stage 2 (20-50 points)
  • Stage 3 (50-100 points)
  • Stage 4 (100-200 points)
  • Stage 5 (200-350 points)







Coaching Inn: Click Picture below to view the all new building stage info!

Golden Frontier Coaching Inn

Similar to the Tower, you can collect from the Coaching Inn between building stages. To see the next stage, click the upgrade button. Speeding up only speeds up collecting the reward, not to speed up the upgrade!


New Eatery Recipes: Sandwiches


Sweet Drink


Exquisite Dish


Fruit Feast


Spicy Soup






Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms


Craftsman’s House: Net






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