Golden Frontier Coaching Inn Quests

This timed quest was added on 9/9/2016 as an added incentive to finish the INN. Regardless of finishing early, the Inn gives Nice rewards.


golden-frontier-saloon-for-the-wealthy-quest golden-frontier-dishes-for-the-saloon-quest

golden-frontier-comfortable-relaxation-quest golden-frontier-new-place-to-eat-quest

golden-frontier-hunting-with-a-net-quest golden-frontier-nets-for-groundhogs-quest

golden-frontier-not-a-groundhog-day-quest golden-frontier-saloon-building-quest

golden-frontier-the-best-inn-quest golden-frontier-everything-for-investor-quest

golden-frontier-tables-needed-quest golden-frontier-at-the-highest-level-quest

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