Golden Frontier Farm Update

The Farm Update was released on July 16, 2015. The Enclosure and Water Tower are introduced and also a new Coffee House. 

Farm Update Quests <— Click here!

The Enclosure is a new place to put Sheep, Cows and Goats to feed them and collect from. Click the Picture below to see Enclosure building information and instructions.


The Water Tower gives us the ability to craft more Water at a time. Click the picture below to see Water Tower Building Info.

Golden Frontier Water Tower

The Coffee House is where we can make yummy coffee… the newest way to add Energy to your game and be able to go further and play longer than you ever could before! It does cost bucks, and usually goes on sale with the decorations. Click the picture below to see the information available!

Golden Frontier Coffee House

Also new is the Coffee Collection. When turned in, receive sugar and ground coffee.

Coffee Collection

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