Unreleased Abandoned Mine Update

More info has been added and /or changed since the original post. Changes to the VK version of the game have been updated and info could possibly change again once released to Face Book. Remember, this is a preview of the Face Book version of the game. The Devs can and will change information at their discretion. Playing the game, you have agreed to the Russian TOS (terms of service)

Current Face Book Update information

Dear friends Walking along the San Monsano, you accidentally stumbled upon an abandoned mine full of riches. Meet our update abandoned mine! In this update: – New decoration: Precious wire, drilling rig is also a new mini-game “Abandoned mine”, where you have to carry out excavations. In your arsenal of 12 shovels, shovel each recovering 10 minutes. The mine is a lot of chests with valuable prizes, you can stumble upon them digging cells. From each excavated cells fall bonus. Also, you will meet solid rock, stumbled on that you will not be able to dig more until you destroy this obstacle. The deeper you dig, the more valuable reward is also difficult obstacles. Hurry to score the most value, because the abandoned mine will operate only 2 weeks!

Unreleased Abandoned Mine

Get ready to go exploring in this limited time update! Similar to the “lighthouse” we go exploring in an abandoned cave and dig for treasures. This one is really quite fun and you get lots of vouchers and other San Monsano goodies!

Abandoned Mine Page 1 Abandoned Mine Page 2

There are 5 quests with this Update:

Ancient Mine in the Mountain Quest Very Valuable Curiosities Quest

gold-chests-quest silver-chests-quest


To unlock the Territory: Use Coins and Vouchers rather than spending precious bucks for this!

Unlock Territory 1 Unlock Territory 2

This is the unlocked Territory with the Abandoned Mine. The Mine does not need to be built, Just click on it and you can go exploring!

New Territory unlocked

This is what you will see when first going into the Abandoned Mine:

Oops… you get 12 shovels… the 10 is a typo, sorry!

Abandoned Mine

Things to know:

  • You start with 12 shovels and get 25 more for completing the first quest.
  • Every 10 minutes, shovels are added back… up to 12 shovels.
  • If you have more than 12 shovels, the timer doesn’t add more. 
  • Each space uses 1 shovel, even opening a chest.
  • You can completely do this update and not need to spend a single buck
  • You can only claim each prize once.
  • You probably will not be able to claim any other prize of going for the Foreman that gives a buck every other day.

There will be blockages along the way. You must clear the blockage in order to move further. 

blockage clearing-blockage

There are 2 ways to clear blockages. IF you have the Explosive, you can use it, or craft the required materials necessary. ( you get the new explosive from opening chests. I would save the explosive for when you have hard to craft items not in your inventory, and craft the easy ones.) These are just a few examples of required items to clear a blockage. None are the same and are completely random. There is no way to tell what will be needed!

blockage-1  blockage-2 blockage-3 blockage-4 blockage-5 blockage-6 blockage-7 blockage-8 blockage-10 blockage-9

blockage-11 blockage-12





As you move, you use shovels. Each space uses 1 shovel. Get coins, experience and random amounts of vouchers each time you move. 

Using Shovels

You  need a shovel to open a chest. Looking inside gives you an opportunity to see what may be inside. 

Chest Looking inside chest

The only chest that needs anything special is the blue one. There are only 10 of them and they need the Key to open them. Keys are RARE, random drops from opening chests. (I only found 2 keys total. You receive 3 more keys when you complete a quest to open chests. You may decide to wait and open the blue chests last.  The Blue chests contained lots of energy and vouchers, sometimes bucks. It’s up to you to decide to get keys to open them… but with all the vouchers you get from the other chests, you may be a bit disappointed to spend $ for a key and not really like what’s inside them. 

Keyed chest

These are the chests. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Chests May  contain random San Monsano Items (Prospector’s Pickaxe, Prospector’s Hammer, Prospector’s Axe, Gems, Coins, Experience, Bucks, Explosive, Vouchers and Platinum. Rare drops of explosive and sometimes a Key.


This is the Shop inside the Abandoned Mine. In here, you trade the Gems you gained for Trolley Fragments, Miners and Foreman contracts. Each Prize needs 100 pieces in order to claim. 

NOTE: Although there is a quest to buy a decor item, you probably NOT find enough Gems to purchase the Trolley and the Foreman, even after finding and opening all the chests. (I myself am hoping to run into more blockages so I have enough gems.) Gems are NOT purchasable. You only find them from removing blockages and in chests. Decide for yourself what you want to go for… It is most likely you will only be able to go for 1 decoration. Don’t put gems into 1 decoration, and then stop to go for another. 

  • Trolley with Gems gives Vouchers 
  • Miner gives Payment Coupons
  • Foreman gives a buck every 2 days

(remember, these are the rewards given on VK, these can change when released to Face Book!)

Mine 1

Special Note: This is a 2 week limited time update. Work on finding and opening the Gold, Silver and Bronze Chests.  Once you find and open them all, there is nothing more to do but use earned shovels to click each space (that’s why I recommend waiting to unlock the Blue Chests!! Pace yourself, and have fun with this mini game!

Rewards from Trolley (this has changed and the Trolley no longer gives a buck)




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