Golden Frontier Ferocious Beasts Update

The Ferocious Beasts Update was released on 8/31/2016. We still work in the San Monsano Location, using Traps in order to tame Coyotes and Jackals. There have been some changes to the Face Book version of the game……

Quest info <— Click here!

Traps will be scattered around in your San Monsano Location. Use 1 Forester’s Axe to set the trap. Traps are used 3 times to either catch a Pig or Quail. When the trap is ready (10 minutes) a star will appear above, and you will receive either a Pig or a Quail. When the trap is broken (3 uses) collect the items needed.

Trap is ready Collect from destroyed trap

These items cannot be crafted. You must break the traps to receive them.


1st Territory to open:

Opening 1st Territory

The Red Jackal Stages

Red Jackal Stage 1 Red Jackal Stage 2

2nd Territory:

2nd Territory to open

Red Coyote Stages

Red Coyote Stage 1 Red Coyote Stage 2

Brown Jackal Stages

Brown Jackal Stage 1 Brown Jackal Stage 2

Brown Coyote Stages

Brown Coyote Stage 1 Brown Coyote Stage 2

After you bribe the animals, they become tame. You can collect from them every 8 hours. They give 5 Vouchers, coins, experience, collection and random San Monsano items.

Ready coyote collect from coyote

In the Exchange House you can trade for Sturdy Fabric

Exchange House

New Eatery Recipes: Marinade

Golden Frontier Marinade Recipe (eatery)

Warm Salad

Golden Frontier Warm Salad Recipe (eatery)

Hot Drink

Golden Frontier Hot Drink Recipe (eatery)

Favorite Food

Golden Frontier Favorite Food Recipe (eatery)

Craftsman’s House: Bedding

Golden Frontier Bedding Recipe (craftsman's house)

Prospector’s Smithy: Forester’s Axe

Golden Frontier Forester's Axe Recipe (prospector's smithy)




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