Unreleased Inn Update

The info on this unreleased update has CHANGED since released to Face Book. To view the current Face Book Information click the link below!

Coaching Inn Update (current Face Book info)

Inn Quest Information <— Click here!

Unreleased Inn Update

Inn Page 1 Inn Page 2

Inn Page 3

Pesky Marmots/Groundhogs will appear after completing the 1st quest to buy the Saloon. They are only found on the San Monsano location. 5 will appear at a time and you need a net to catch each one. Receive Coins, Experience, Energy, Collections, 7 Peanuts, Random San Monsano items and 5 Vouchers for each one caught. Just refresh your game to make them appear again.

You will need to make the nets first, then go for the Marmots/Groundhogs. Peanuts are a necessity for crafting recipes to build your Inn and Saloon.

Consider making at least 40 Prospector Saws ahead for the Nets needed to catch the Pesky Marmots/Groundhogs!

Catching Marmots Marmot rewards

Pesky groundhogs


Golden Frontier Saloon

Building stage for the Saloon

Summer Saloon Stage 1

The Saloon has 5 filling stages. Use Sandwiches, Sweet Drinks and Exquisite Dishes to fill your Saloon. Work on filling your Saloon 1st. The putter through the Inn stages. You need items given from filling the Saloon in order to build the Inn.

Summer Saloon Stage 3

  • Sandwich gives Hot Soup ( 1 point)
  • Sweet Drink gives Fruity Feast (3 points)
  • Exquisite Dish gives Delicacy (7 points)
  • Stage 1 (0-20 Points)
  • Stage 2 (20-50 Points)
  • Stage 3 (50-100 Points)
  • Stage 4 (100-200 Points)
  • Stage 5 (200-350 Points)

There are 7 Building stages for the Inn. Similar to building the Tower, you can collect in between the building stages.

Golden Frontier Inn

Remember, Hot Soup, Fruity Feast and Delicacy are received when filling your Saloon!

Inn Stage 1 Inn Stage 2

Inn Stage 3 Inn Stage 4

Inn Stage 5 Inn Stage 6

Inn Stage 7

Collecting from Inn between stages

There is 8 hours to COLLECT in between the 1st and 2nd stage of the Inn. To see the next building stage, just click on the yellow upgrade button. All the rest of the stages you can collect every 24 hours.


After completing your Inn, Collect 20 Vouchers, 13 Energy, Coins, Experience, Collections and random Items every 24 hours.

Golden Frontier Inn Rewards

New Eatery Recipes: Exquisite Dish

Exquisite Dish Recipe (eatery)


Sandwich Recipe (eatery)

Sweet Drink

Sweet Drink Recipe (eatery)

Craftsman’s House: Net

Net Recipe (craftsman's house)


Table Recipe (craftsman's house)

Rough list of material requirements to BUILD for this update… This does not include filling the Saloon. Each player will use different amounts to fill!


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