Golden Frontier Old Mine Update

The Old Mine update was released on 8/25/2016. With this update is the introduction of The Old Mine, Exchange House and Ore Refinery. There are 2 quests to complete the Ore Refinery. One is timed, and one is not. If you don’t get the Refinery built before the timer runs out, you still get some extra bucks and vouchers for completing it.

Getting the Ore Refinery built before the timer expires will score you a neat Geyser. (don’t forget to place it!) You can collect coins, experience, collection, 1 Zinc Ore, 1 Nickel Ore, and 5 Vouchers every 8 hours.


Old Mine Quests <— Click here!

The Old Mine: Click the Photo below for complete building instructions and how to use the Old Mine.

Old Mine

The Exchange House is where you use Platinum and Ore to trade for San Monsano items.

Golden Frontier Exchange Shop

Golden Frontier Exchange House Page 1 Golden Frontier Exchange House Page 2

The Ore Refinery, fully built gives coins, experience, collections, 10 Vouchers, 1 Nickel Ingot and 1 Zinc ingot. You can collect every 24 hours. Click either picture to see building information.

Golden Frontier Ore Refinery Golden Frontier Ore Refinery gifts

New Recipes in Prospector’s Smithy: Grater

Golden Frontier Grater Recipe (prospector's smithy)

Metal Billets

Golden Frontier Metal Billets Recipe (prospector's smithy)


Golden Frontier Rails Recipe (prospector's smithy)

Eatery: Cherry Jam

Golden Frontier Cherry Jam Recipe (eatery)

Fillet with Sauce

Golden Frontier Fillet with Sauce Recipe (eatery)

Craftsman’s House: Fir Wood Billets

Golden Frontier Fir Wood Billets Recipe (craftsman's house)

Prospector’s Set

Golden Frontier Prospector's Set Recipe (craftsman's house)

Prospector’s Set x5

Golden Frontier Prospector's Set x5 Recipe (craftsman's house)


Golden Frontier Crossbeam Recipe (craftsman's house)

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