Unreleased Old Mine Update

Dear friends! Help save the miners in the old mine, organize production resources and processing plant! In this update the old mine! In this update: – New buildings: The old mine, Exchange House, Processing Plant.

Old Mine quests <— Click Here!

Old Mine Update

Old Mine Page 1 Old Mine Page 2

Old Mine Page 3

New Territory will be expanded to… and here is where we build the “Old Mine.” The Old mine will use Prospectors and Prospector Sets to dig for Zinc and Nickel Ore. 

The Exchange House is introduced, and you can use Platinum to also trade for Zinc and Nickel Ore… Watch your spending!! Platinum is the “gold” of San Monsano, and difficult to come by!

Open New Territory

You can expand by using the crafted items or 25 Bucks.

New Territory cost 1 New Territiry cost 2

Old Mine

Old Mine Stage 1 Old Mine Stage 2

Old Mine Stage 3 Old Mine Stage 4

After the 1st building stage you will be able to mine for Zinc and Nickel Ore. You can continue to upgrade, but it will cost more Prospector sets each time. (you also receive more nickel and zinc ore.)

Remember… this uses Prospectors. So you will need to have Prospectors free in order to mine for the Ore.

Mining in Old Mine-upgrade Mining in Old Mine 1

Mining in Mine

The Exchange House is where we will exchange for goods.(like Trading Post)

Exchange House

Exchange House Page 1 Exchange House Page 2

The Processing Plant gives Coins, Experience, Vouchers, collections, and random San Monsano items every 24 hours once fully built.

Processing Plant collection

Processing Plant Stage 1 Processing Plant Stage 2

Processing Plant Stage 3 Processing Plant Stage 4

Processing Plant Stage 5

New Eatery Recipes: Cherry Jam

Cherry Jam Recipe (eatery)


Fillet Under Sauce

Fillet under Sauce Recipe (eatery)

Craftsman’s House: Billet from Fir

Billet from Fir Recipe (craftsman's house)


Crossbar Recipe (craftsman's house)

Prospector Set

Prospector Set Recipe (craftsman's house)

Prospector Set x5

Prospector Set x5 (craftsman's house)

Prospector’s Smithy: Mechanical Billet

Mechanical Billet Recipe (prospector's smithy)


Grater Recipe (prospector's smithy)



Rails Recipe (prospector's smithy)


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