Golden Frontier Vacation Update

The Vacation Update was released on 8/10/2016. The main goal is building a pool that will give a buck every 24 hours. This update is unique, because in order to build the pool, players need to finish the quests in order to get necessary items needed for each stage of the Pool build. The Workshop, Smithy, Jeweller’s Workshop, Summer Kitchen and Textile Workshop are used to build your Pool. There is no timer involved, so sit back, have a drink, and have fun building your own decor item that you can collect a buck from every day!

Vacation Quests <—- click here

You can decide to build your Pool on Cloudy or another location like the Valley or Coast… the Pool is quite large! Once the Pool is complete, you can move it to other locations, but beware… when taking out of inventory, the 24 hour timer starts over again. You can only build 1 pool.


Golden Frontier Swimming Pools Stage 1 Golden Frontier Swimming pool Stage 2

Golden Frontier Swimming Pool Stage 3 Golden Frontier Swimming Pool Stage 4

Golden Frontier Swimming Pool stage 5 Golden Frontier Swimming Pool Stage 6

Golden Frontier Swimming Pool Stage 7

New Recipes: Smithy

Beach umbrella

Golden Frontier Beach Umbrella Recipe (smithy)

Workshop: Beach Ball

Golden Frontier Beach Ball Recipe (workshop)

Beach Mat

Golden Frontier Beach Mat Recipe (workshop)

Beach Shorts

Golden Frontier Beach Shorts Recipe (workshop)


Golden Frontier Frisbee Recipe (workshop)

Swimming Armbands

Golden Frontier Swimming Armbands Recipe (workshop)

Textile Workshop: Hammock

Golden Frontier Hammock Recipe (textile workshop)


Golden Frontier Swimsuit Recipe (textile workshop)

Jeweller’s Workshop: Sunglasses

Golden Frontier Sunglasses Recipe (jewellers workshop)

Summer Kitchen: Summer Cocktail

Golden Frontier Summer Cocktail Recipe (summer kitchen)


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