Golden Frontier Rodeo Update

The Rodeo Update was released on 8/4/2016. Build a rodeo and get excellent goodies for completing it. Originally, there wasn’t a timed quest involved, but later the Devs added an additional 3 day timed quest to complete it. Even if you don’t finish in the time allotted, you can still build the Rodeo. The Sawmill, Barn, Workshop and Textile Workshop are used to craft for this update.

Rodeo Quests <—- Click here!

The Rodeo cannot be deleted until all 5 stages are complete. Don’t buy an additional Rodeo unless you can complete it or trade items with friends so you can complete it.

The Rodeo has 5 build stages, and in order to make the items to build your Rodeo, you need to craft the Shoes with Spurs and Harnesses. Then go to Johntown and “catch the Wild Bulls. When you get all the Wild Bulls, refresh and more will appear. Wild Bulls will give you the High Score needed to make the other items to build the Rodeo. Bulls are only on the Johntown Location, and disappear when you finish your quests.

Golden Frontier Wild Bull


  • Golden Frontier Rodeo  Stage 1 (0-20)
  •   Stage 2 (20-50)
  •   Stage 3 (50-100)
  •   Stage 4 (100-200
  •   Stage 5 (200-350)


Craft High Quality Forage, Rider’s Rope and Bullfighter’s Barrels to fill the Rodeo.

Golden Frontier Rodeo Stage 1 Build Golden Frontier Rodeo Stage 2

Golden Frontier Rodeo Stage 3 Golden Frontier Rodeo Stage 4

Golden Frontier Rodeo Stage 5


New Workshop Recipes: Harness

Golden Frontie Harness Recipe (workshop)

Rider’s Rope

Golden Frontier Rider's Rope Recipe (workshop)

Shoes with Spurs

Golden Frontier Shoes with Spurs Recipe (workshop)

Sawmill: Bullfighter’s Barrel

Golden Frontier Bullfighter's Barrel Recipe (sawmill)

High Price (high score=same thing!)

Golden Frontier High Score Recipe

Textile Workshop: Stetson

Golden Frontier Stetson Recipe (textile workshop)

Barn: High Quality Forage

Golden Frontier High Quality Forage Recipe (barn)





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