Golden Frontier Prospecting Update

The San Monsano Update was released on 8/17/2016. It’s all new, and will take a bit of getting used to. Follow the quests, and make sure you have the newest free gifts in your inventory! You will use a lot of energy… save for a coffee house if you don’t have one. Tend neighbors’ clickables while we still have them, or trade in the trading post for energy. 

Nothing but Energy is used in San Monsano from your inventory. The Greenhouse cannot be used for planting, Urgent orders are not able to be used!


Best advise is to follow the quests and don’t buy extras right away… you will run into troubles with not having enough Vouchers!

Quest Info <—- click here!

San Monsano Complete

It will cost 20 food to travel to San Monsano. Click the Map icon to bring up the map. Then click the Yellow arrow on the right TWICE to get to the 3rd map where San Monsano is located.

Map 3 San Monsano

Vouchers are the currency here instead of coins… they will be limited at first until you get going. Don’t go crazy buying extra buildings, and planting extra trees or crops because you will run out of Vouchers and won’t be able to proceed further until you acquire more! Click the picture below for more voucher info!


New Free gifts: Spices and Worker Incentive… Have BOTH on wish list, but you will need far more Workers Incentive than spices!

Free Gifts

Workers… huntsmen are not used to make recipes, but rather new Prospectors. There are 2 sizes of Prospector’s Houses: small and large. They are time limited and disappear after their time expires. You need to buy more each time they disappear. The Small Prospector’s House gives you 1 Prospector and the Large gives you 2 of them. 

Small Prospectors House      Large Prospector’s House

Miners House with worker            Large Prospector's House

To make the Prospector work, feed him energy from neighbors, just as you would feed the huntsmen food.

Small Prospector’s House                         

  • Costs 10 Vouchers                                   
  • 1 worker                                                       
  • Lasts 2 hours                                            

Prospector's House

Large Prospector’s House

  • Costs 25 Vouchers
  • 2 workers
  • Lasts 8 hours

Large Prospectors house feed

Click the fire-pit left behind by the prospectors to get extra collection items and experience

fire pit

Click the pictures below to see build and recipe info

Craftsman’s House   Prospector’s Smithy    Prospector’s Well

Craftsman's House     Prospectors Smithy  Prospector's Well

Eatery                                    Trading House

Eatery  Trading House

Old Dam

Old Dam

Recipes will also be a bit different… Some require no workers, some require just workers, and some require workers and payment coupons. Follow the quests and craft what is required first so you don’t get stuck needing payment coupons for recipes!

Golden Frontier Building Block Recipe (craftsman's house)

Pigs are fed Tomatoes in the first stage, pig feed in the second and give 2 meat when finished. You collect Meat only once before they disappear.

Feeding Pigs

Quail are fed Cut Grass in the first stage and then dry food. They give Quail Eggs when ready and have 10 feeds before they disappear.

Feeding Quail

Cherry Trees give Cherries and require 1 Fresh Water. They have 10 stages.

Cherry Trees Ready Cherry Tree

Pistachio Trees give Pistachios and require 1 Fresh Water each. They have 5 stages.

Pistachio Trees Ready Pistachio Tree

Items that require energy to harvest: 

  • Thick Grass (2 Energy per whack) gives Cut Grass
  • Hard Rock (3 Energy per whack) gives Solid Stone
  • Shrub (2 Energy per whack) gives Splinters
  • Black Clay Deposit (3 Energy per whack) gives Dried Clay
  • Fir Tree (3 Energy per whack) gives Fir Wood
  • Ash Tree (2 Energy per whack) gives Ash Wood
  • Lead Vein Deposit 3 Energy per whack) gives Lead

Cut Grass Hard Rock

Shrub Black Clay Deposit

Fir Tree Ash Tree

Lead Vein

Chestnut Tree uses 1 Prospector’s Saw for each whack and gives Chestnut Wood

Chestnut Tree

Platinum Ore Deposit uses 1 Prospector’s Pickaxe per whack and gives Platinum.

Platinum Ore Deposit

Trading Post: Trade gems for Vouchers. Gems are RARE drops from whacking anything in San Monsano except Crops and Cherry/Pistachio Trees.

Trading Post 1 Trading Post 2


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