Golden Frontier Unreleased Diligent Update

This new and exciting update gives us a third map and another location called San Monsano. Make sure you have plenty of ENERGY (I would say about 1000 to start) as it is the only thing you can have to prepare for what is ahead. Everything is new!!

If you don’t have a Coffee House…. you may think about purchasing one. Otherwise tending totems and circus tents will give you energy. Gold Cups and Diamonds can be traded in the trading Post for energy as well.

What I can tell you…. is FOLLOW THE QUESTS! As you progress, you will get items from completing the quests to help you along the way. Don’t go crazy building extra buildings and buying things because items are limited until you get going! Also… have patience and diligence!

Diligent Update

San Monsano Page 1 San Monsano Page 2

San Monsano Page 3 San Monsano Page 4

San Monsano Page 5 San Monsano Page 6

San Monsano Page 7 San Monsano Page 8

San Monsano Page 9 San Monsano Page 10

San Monsano Page 11

There will be 2 new items to add to your wish list (make sure you do!)

New Free Gifts

It will cost 20 food to travel to San Monsano. Click the map icon. Then click the yellow arrow on the right twice to get to the 3rd map.

Map 3

This is the entire San Monsano Area.

San Monsano

As you progress, the fog lifts. Many areas are locked until further updates.

San Monsano Complete

You will notice at the top of the game once you get to San Monsano, that there are no coins. You will be using “vouchers” for all purchases, and just like when you started the game from the beginning, resources are LIMITED! 

Top of Game

Tomatoes and Cucumbers are the newest crop. They can only be grown in San Monsano, and you have to use plots. The Greenhouse cannot be used because of the Voucher payment system, not coins and energy.


There are 2 new animals introduced. Pigs and Quail. Pigs get fed tomatoes first, then pig feed. You collect meat and there is only 1 feed before the pigs disappear.

Feeding Pigs

Quail are fed Beveled Grass first, then Dry feed. They give Quail eggs. Quail have 10 feeds and then they disappear.

Feeding Quail

The Condor will fly above just like the owl.


There are 2 new trees to buy, also limited to San Monsano. The Cherry Tree and the Pistachio Tree. They both use the new “Fresh Water.”

Cherry Trees Ready Cherry Tree Pistachio Trees Ready Pistachio Tree

These are the items you use energy to whack and collect. Remember to have tons of energy!

  • Hard Stone Deposit = Hard Stones
  • Lead Deposit = Lead
  • Ash Tree = Ash Wood
  • Fir Tree = Fir Wood
  • Thick Grass = Beveled Grass
  • Bush = Slivers

Hard Stone Lead Deposit

Ash Tree Fir Tree

Beveled Grass Bush

Platinum Ore Deposits give Platinum and use 1 Prospectors Pick per whack. 

Platinum Ore Deposit

Chestnut Trees give Chestnut Wood and use 1 Prospectors Saw per whack.

Chestnut Tree

Also new to San Monsano is the use of Miners instead of Huntsmen. This is the Small Miners House. You get 1 miner to work for each Small House. They are not upgrade-able and the Miner only works for 2 hours. 

Miners House with worker

Energy is used instead of food. The Small Miners House uses 15 energy. Use it like you do the huntsmen, and click neighbors to give you the energy to make your miner work. Neighbors energy refills every 12 hours just like the huntsmen tents and food.

Miner House Worker

This is the Large Miners House. You get 2 miners for this House. It is also not upgrade-able but the miners will work for 8 hours.

Large Miners House

The Large Miners House uses 30 Energy. Use your neighbors to give Energy to make your Miners work. Neighbor Energy refills every 12 hours just like the huntsmen tent and food.

Large Miners House Workers

Unlike the huntsmen tent, the Miners Houses can not be given more energy. When you click on the house it will tell you how much time is left. The Miners Houses disappear when they are done working.

Time left

Click on the finished house to receive some experience and 5 vouchers. Then purchase another Miners house to get more workers.

Miners finished

In the Trading Post on Cloudy there  will be 4 new items to trade for Vouchers… but be careful! these are RARE drops. Spend wisely!

Trading Post Page 1 Trading Post Page 2

Buildings: You start with one Trading House already built. You may only build 1 more. The Trading House gives 50 Vouchers every 3 hours.

Trading House

Trading House Build

Trading House Stage 1 Trading House Stage 2

Trading House Stage 3

Wizard House

Wizards House

Build Stages

Wizards House Stage 1 Wizards House Stage 2

Wizards House Stage 3

Prospectors House

Prospectors House

Build Stages

Prospectors House Stage 1 Prospectors House Stage 2

Prospectors House Stage 3



Build Stages

Canteen Stage 1 Canteen Stage 2

Canteen Stage 3

The Old Dam: There is a timed quest to build the dam. Honestly, don’t worry about the timer. Too much emphasis is always placed on the stupid timers and players forget to enjoy the game! Once built, you can collect crafted items, experience and collection items every 24 hours.

The Old Dam

Build Stages

The Old Dam Stage 1 The Old Dam Stage 2

The Old Dam Stage 3 The Old Dam Stage 4

The Old Dam Stage 5

Recipes: Some use no Miners, some use just Miners, and others use a combination of Miners and Payment Coupons. Pay attention to the amounts and plan accordingly!

Prospectors House Recipes

Print Chief

Print Chief Recipe (prospectors house)

Prospectors Saw

Prospectors saw recipe (prospectors house)

Prospectors Hammer

Prospectors Hammer Recipe (prospectors house)

Prospectors Pick

Prospectors Pick Recipe (prospectors house)

Lead Ingot

Lead Ingot Recipe (prospectors house)

Cheap Bolts

Cheap Bolts Recipe (prospectors house)


Pipes Recipe (prospectors house )

Magicians House Recipes


Fire Recipe (Magicians House)

Fire x5

Fire x5 Recipe (magicians house)

Payment coupon

Coupon about payment recipe (magicians house)

Payment Coupon x5

Payment coupon x5 recipe (magicians house)

Payment Coupon x10

Payment coupon x10 recipe (magicians house)

Large Plywood x2

Large Plywood Recipe (magicians house)

Construction Mix

Construction mix Recipe (magicians house)

Building Block

Building Blocks recipe (magicians house)

Prospectors Well Recipes

Fresh Water

Fresh Water (prospectors well)

Fresh Water x5

Fresh Water x5 (prospectors well)

Fresh Water x10

Fresh Water x10 (prospectors well)

Canteen Recipes

Dry Feed x4

Dry Feed Recipe (canteen)

Pig Feed x2

Pig Feed Recipe (canteen)

Cherry Compote

Cherry Compote Recipe (canteen)

Summer Salad

Summer Salad Recipe (canteen)

Workers Breakfast

Workers Breakfast Recipe (canteen)

Ketchup x2

Ketchup Recipe (canteen)







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