Golden Frontier Unreleased Vacation Update

Soon it’s time to go on vacation! In this update we build a 7 stage pool. The pool when fully built will give a buck every 24 hours…. yayyyyyyyyyy!!! Several new recipes and 21 quests but NO timer!!!


Vacation shop 1 Vacation shop 2

Vacation shop 3

Quest info click here <—–


In order to be able to fully build the pool, each player will have to complete quests. Each stage of the pool requires an item that is only obtained from completing a quest. You will NOT be able to trade quest completion rewards, as each player will only receive 1, and use it on their own pool.


Pool Stage 1 Pool Stage 2

Pool Stage 3 Pool Stage 4

Pool Stage 5 Pool Stage 6

Pool Stage 7

New Workshop Recipes

Beach Ball

Beach Ball Recipe (workshop)

Beach Blanket

Beach Blanket Recipe (workshop)


Frisbee Recipe (workshop)

Beach Shorts

Beach Shorts Recipe (workshop)

Inflatable Arm Bands

Inflatable Arm Bands Recipe (workshop)

Textile Workshop: Bathing Suit

Bathing Suit Recipe (textile workshop)


Hammock Recipe (textile workshop)

Summer Kitchen: Summer Cocktail

Summer Cocktail Recipe (summer kitchen)

Jeweller’s Workshop: Sunglasses

Sunglasses Recipe (jeweller's workshop)

Smithy: Beach Umbrella

Beach Umbrella Recipe (smithy)


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One Response to Golden Frontier Unreleased Vacation Update

  1. Pat Mauch says:

    It will be hard but, a great challenge. Thank you

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