Unreleased Music Update

Dear friends! Help strolling musicians, and they will thank bonuses for the football arena. Lift your Country scene in our musical Update! In this update: – New construction: Country scene; – New decoration: Farmer with a violin Musical instruments; Hurry to enjoy the wonderful tunes!

Music Update

In the Music update we will build a Musicians Scene that gives rewards to help aid in building the Soccer Arena. Dust off your Furniture Workshop…it’s finally going to be used! We also will be using the Workshop, Smithy, Kitchen and Printing Press.

Quest info <—- Click here!

Music Page 1 Music Page 2

Music Page 3

New Musical collection:

Musical Collection

When you load your game you will notice many Roving Musicians…. they can be located on Cloudy Lands, Mountain Pass, Town, Coast, Mountain and Johntown Territories. 2 New recipes (Pineapple Cake and Notes) will be used to catch them and receive the Mediators (and Energy, Coins, Exp, Collection items) needed to craft other new recipes.

Roving Musician

Musicians Scene (collect every 12 hours, you can have more than 1)

Musicians Scene Musicians Scene Rewards

Musicians Scene Stage 1 Musicians Scene Stage 2

Musicians Scene Stage 3 Musicians Scene Stage 4

Musicians Scene Stage 5

Note: A new Recipe (Mandolin) will take 4 hours and 3 huntsmen. Make sure you have 2 Huntsmen Tents upgraded or have enough Snacks/Picnics/Feasts to increase work time so you can craft this new recipe!


New Recipes: 

Kitchen: Pineapple Cake

Pineapple Cake Recipe (kitchen)

Smithy: Strings

Strings Recipe (smithy)

Printing Press: Notes

Note Recipe (printing press)

Workshop: Light Lacquer

Light Lacquer Recipe (workshop)


Tambourine Recipe (workshop)

Furniture Workshop: Harmonica

Harmonica Recipe (furniture workshop)


Banjo Recipe (furniture workshop)


Violin Recipe (furniture workshop)


Mandolin Recipe (furniture workshop)



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