Golden Frontier Unreleased Soccer Update

We aren’t sure whether this will be called Soccer or not… It’s Football on VK, but In the USA it’s called Soccer, so we’ll go for broke and call it Soccer!!

This update includes a 2 week Top 100 contest!

  • You are going to want to start making Tarps… pronto! They are a 3 hour craft, and you will need to have 11 of them for quests. (Waterproof Fabric is used for the Large Sets) More info below on totals! 
  • Free Gifts needed are Glue, Seals, Sequins, Laugh Medals, Wrapping paper.
  • Feed your Rams for the Soft Wool.
  • Bring back Cotton Seeds from the Lost World and Pyramid Territories.
  • Check your collections and turn them in for Ink, Glue, Sequins, etc!

You can now trade Dynamite in the trading Post for Cotton Seeds.

For those wondering about Cotton Seeds, on VK, there are Cotton Trees at the Lake Location… not sure if we will get them on the Face Book Version!


Quest Info <— Click Here!

Soccer Update

Soccer Page 1 Soccer Page 2

Soccer Page 3 Soccer Page 4

The Soccer Arena….

Soccer Arena

When you place your Arena, you will get a pop up for you to decide which team you will be on. You can choose the Bandit’s Team or the Huntsmen’s Team. Each has a different set of rewards that you will receive when building the levels of the Arena. Once you decide, you cannot change!

Deciding the Stadium

There are 5 Levels to the Arena no matter which team you choose, and the same sets will be used to fill each level. Once you are finished building the Arena, you can keep filling and go for the Top 100. Complete totals will be impossible to give because it will depend on what you decide to craft to build your Arena and if you decide to participate in the Top 100!!

Soccer Stadium Stage 2

  • Level 1 (0-50 points)
  • Level 2 (50-150 points)
  • Level 3 (150-450 points)
  • Level 4 (450-1000 points)
  • Level 5 (1000-3000 points)





After the Top 100 contest is over, you will see a pop-up and be able to collect rewards from what-ever team you were on. I chose the Bandits Team on VK. It didn’t win, but these were the rewards none-the-less.


If you place 1-10 in the top 100, you will also win this guy… he gives a buck every 24 hours.


Now… if you plan on just using Large sets to fill your stadium, here are the totals… of course, you can use the other recipes as well, and I recommend you use them for the first stages and save the large sets for the last stages! These numbers are only for the Large Sets!

You will need 75 Large sets to completely build the Stadium.

  • 225 Wrapping Paper
  • 75 Shirts
  • 75 Captain’s Arm Bands

To make the Arm bands: 

  • 300 Ink
  • 375 Seals
  • 75 Waterproof Fabric 

Waterproof Fabric Needs Tarpulins… 

  • 75 Tarpulins
  • 225 Glue
  • 150 Thread
  • 450 Cotton Seeds

To make the Shirts:

  • 225 Thread
  • 300 Sequins
  • 150 Soft Fabric

Soft Fabric:

  • 150 Fabric
  • 300 Laugh Medals
  • 1200 Flax
  • 150 Cotton Wool

Cotton Wool:

  • 750 Cotton
  • 300 Sequins
  • 900 Flax
  • 600 Soft Wool

Textile Workshop Recipes: Shirt

Shirt (textile Workshop)

Captain’s Arm Band

Captain Arm Band (textile Workshop)

Workshop Recipes: Small Set

Small Set (workshop)

Average Set

Average Set (workshop)

Large Set

Large Set (workshop)

Red Card

Red Card (workshop)

Yellow Card

Yellow Card (workshop)

Soccer Ball

Soccer Ball (workshop)

Soccer Shoes

Soccer Shoes (workshop)


Whistle (workshop)


Shorts (workshop)







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