Golden Frontier Unreleased Family Picnic Update

Family Picnic is coming to Golden Frontier! Turkeys galore and we craft recipes to build our new Arbor. Many new Kitchen Recipes, a new item in the Trading Post, and yes… Gobblers everywhere! There is 1 quest with a 3 day timer attached. (to build the Arbor) A New BBQ collection will give salt when turned in. (salt is also the new free gift)

Family Picnic

Family Picnic Quests <— Click Here

Family Picnic Shop 1 Family Picnic Shop 2

Family Picnic Shop 3

When you load your game, you will see lots of Turkeys. Use Thick Gloves to catch Turkeys and receive the Turkey meat needed to craft recipes and build the Arbor! Turkeys do not repopulate but are found on Most of the Map 1 Territories. 


In the Trading Post is where you will be able to trade White gold for Sauces.

Trading Post

New Recipes: Barn

Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese Recipe (barn)


Sausage Recipe (barn)

Kitchen: Big Cake

Big Cake Recipe (kitchen)


Fish With Vegetables

Fish With Vegetables Recipe (kitchen)

Fried Cutlet

Fried Cutlet Recipe (kitchen)

Fried Sausages

Fried Sausages Recipe (kitchen)

Pancakes With Cottage Cheese

Pancakes With Cottage Cheese Recipe (kitchen)

Turkey With Vegetables

Turkey With Vegetables Recipe (kitchen)

Vegetable Salad

Vegetable Salad Recipe (kitchen)

There are 5 stages to building the Arbor

Golden Frontier Arbor

Arbor Stage 1 Arbor Stage 2

Arbor Stage 3 Arbor Stage 4

Arbor Stage 5



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