Golden Frontier Lost Land Update

Get ready to travel! The Lost Land update was released on 6/23/2016. Our broken boat finally gets fixed and is used to transport items back and forth from the new map. There are no timed elements to this update, but there are lots to learn! 

New Free Gift is Sturdy Pickaxe


Fixing Boat

Lost Land Quests <— Click here!

The Boat… Many cannot seem to get the grasp of loading and transporting. You need to load your boat, and then go to the new area and then click the transport all button. If you click before you get to the new area, you just dump it back into your inventory on cloudy. Click the picture for complete building and loading instructions for your boat.


There are 2 Map Areas now instead of just the one you are used to seeing. Click the yellow arrow to toggle back and forth between the maps. A new change to the game is that where ever you are, is where you will return to after refreshing your game. You will no longer automatically return to Cloudy Lands. You will also have to transport your inventory for use between the two maps. 

Map 1 Map 2

It will cost 15 Food to travel to the Lost Island Territory.


New Trees and deposits Galore! Delonix Tree, Cotton Tree, Granite Deposit and Copper Deposit. The Granite Deposits can only be cleared with the new Sturdy Pickaxe. The Large Copper Deposits, Delonix Tree and Cotton Tree (the ones with 20 whacks) can only be cleared with Dynamite. The smaller ones usually just need energy. If there is something in the way, you need to clear that item or can also use dynamite.

15 whack trees and rocks 20 whack trees and rocks

Granite Deposits Copper Deposits

The Felines will give you the Ancient Maps needed to build your House of Natives. Tigers require a Box, Cheetahs require a Bag, and Panthers require Green Cakes.

Tiger Cheetah Black Panther

Ancient Statues give you Ancient Medallions needed for building your House of Natives. Each Statue is not the same and requires different amounts.

Ancient Statues

Examples of the Ancient statue requirements:

Ancient Statue 1 Ancient Statue 2 Ancient Statue 3 Ancient Statue 4

This is part of the Map. As you progress, fog will lift and you will be able to progress farther. 

Lost Island

There are 4 Bridges that you will need to built.

Bridge 1 

Bridge 1

1st-bridge-stage-1 1st-bridge-stage-2


2nd Bridge 



3rd Bridge


3rd-bridge-stage-2 3rd-bridge-stage-3

4th Bridge


4th-bridge-stage-1 4th-bridge-stage-3

The House of Natives will most likely be the last building you finish. You will need to clear most of the Ancient Statues and all of the felines in order to have the supplies needed. Click the Picture to see build stages.


New Smithy Recipes: Chain






Small Dynamite


Small Dynamite x5


Sturdy Pickaxe x10


New Workshop Recipes: Cottonseed Oil




Waterproof Fabric


 This is very similar to the Cave, and it may get a bit tricky. You may find yourself getting stuck on some areas that would normally just need whacks with energy, but use dynamite. You can transport the old dynamite made in the Laboratory because you will need it!!

This is a map of the whole Isles area. The paw prints is the path I took. FYI, when you get to the second Island, you will probably have to clear almost the entire area around the Native House before you can click on it and start building!

Complete Map Path

When you get to the last Island, your reward will be getting to the Forgotten Idol… Get a free spin every day for a chance to win bucks and other Lost World items!

forgotten-idol forgotten-idol-wheel


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