Golden Frontier Boat

Our broken boat finally gets fixed and is used to transport materials back and forth between the 1st and 2nd maps.

Golden Frontier Boat  Fixing Boat

Boat Building Stages

Golden Frontier Boat Stage 1 Golden Frontier Boat Stage 2

Golden Frontier Boat Stage 3 Golden Frontier Boat Stage 4

Once built your boat will carry 35 items… you can spend bucks for 3 more upgrades and be able to transport up to 100 items.

Upgrade Stage 2 Upgrade Stage 3

Upgrade Stage 4

How do I use my shiny new boat????

Click on your boat. An inventory of the boat’s hold and warehouse will pop up. Scroll through or search for the items you want to take to the 2nd Map. (lost Isle for this update) click the + or +10 button to add as many items as you have inventory for. Then click MOVE. Once you are done filling your boat hold, click the RED X on the top right of the pop up. Do NOT click Transfer all yet. Then Click the Map icon, and go to the Lost Isles, Lost Pyramids, Deep Jungle (or another Territory on the 2nd Map. (when released)

Loading boat

Click on the Tent in the lower left of the screen.

Lost Isles Tent

Now click the TRANSFER ALL button and everything will go to your new “Tent” inventory.

Transfer to new warehouseRemember:

  • Click boat.
  • Load boat.
  • Travel.
  • Click tent.
  • Click transfer all.



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5 Responses to Golden Frontier Boat

  1. Nancy McKee says:

    cannot transfer to the tent no matter how many times I follow the directions.

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