Unreleased Patrol Update

 With this update, we will be using the Smithy, Workshop and Pottery for most of our crafting….if you have most of the other supplies made ahead. There is also a new “Clickable:” the Mason’s Guild. You will need to craft the bonus items necessary to help and finish your neighbor’s guilds. In speeding them up, you will receive the items necessary to build each stage of the Patrol Tower. 

Patrol Update

Warning!! As these updates progress, they will become increasingly difficult for new players that have not completed at least the first 10 updates! There is no timer involved, so try and get older updates finished before trying to tackle the new ones!

Free gift items you can stock up on ahead will be Work Gloves, Drafts and  Iron Parts.

Crowbars are the new Free Gift item that you will need to add to your wish list!

new free gift

Stock up on Process Water from the Well at Johntown… you will need quite a bit of it to make the Pedestals needed for helping neighbors… that means tight tope!

Patrol Quests <— click here!

Patrol Shop Page 1 Patrol Shop Page 2

Patrol Shop Page 3

There will be new Large boulders that will give Rough Blocks and small amounts of Gypsum. They use 1 Sledge hammer per chop and are found on Johntown and Cloudy Lands Territories. At this time, they do not seem to repopulate.

Piles of Big Boulders

The new clickable is the Mason’s Guild. Make sure you place it where the game loads at (by the boat) so neighbors can find and click it easily! 

You get one free in your inventory from completing the First quest… so don’t make the mistake of spending bucks on one from the shop!

Mason's Guild

Mason’s Guild Levels:

  • Level 0 (0-25)
  • Level 1 ( 25-75)
  • Level 2 (75-175)
  • Level 3 (175-300)
  • Level 4 (300-500)
  • Level 5 (gift)







Mason's Guild Stage 1

For this Update, you will need to craft the Polished Blocks and Wall Sconce/pedestal in order to help your neighbors. It is the only way to receive the Stone Cutters and Saw for Stones needed to complete any stage of your Patrol Tower… Therefore, your tower will be a long and tedious process. No worries though, there are NO timers involved!

Clicking on Neighbor's Mason Guild

The Patrol Tower has 7 building stages. You will be able to collect Energy, coins, experience and collection items every 24 hours between each stage and once completely built. Click the Picture of the Tower to see complete building stages.

Patrol Tower

New Recipes in Pottery:

Masonry Solution

Masonry Solution Recipe (pottery)


Plate Recipe (pottery)

Smithy: Wedge

Wedge Recipe (smithy)

Sledge hammer

Sledge Hammer Recipe (smithy)

Workshop: Polished Block

Polished Block Recipe (workshop)

Wall Pedestal

Wall Pedstal Recipe (workshop)


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