Golden Frontier Searching for Treasures Update

This surprise update was released to the Face Book Version on Friday June 17, 2016. It was not released to the VK version! There are only 2 quests with this 2 week limited time update. One of them being a 7 day timed quest to find Captain Jack.

Golden Frontier Onshore Lighthouse Quest Golden Frontier Yes Captain Quest

Golden Frontier Help

Place your light house. Follow the prompts inside. This seems complicated, but is really quite simple! Earn Doubloons by doing regular actions in your game. Crafting, chopping trees and rocks, feeding animals and collecting from your decorations will earn you random amounts of Doubloons.

Golden Frontier Lighthouse

What doesn’t earn Doubloons?

  • Using Miner’s Coins in the Cave
  • Pickaxes on Gold Deposits
  • Harvesting Water Deposits
  • Crafting Food in Kitchen
  • Blowing up anything with Dynamite
  • Tending Neighbors and leveling up Clickables
  • Growing crops in Greenhouse and seedbeds
  • Growing trees in Garden
  • Harvesting animals from the Stall, Enclosure or Poultry House
  • Trading with Edward

The Map inside the Lighthouse…. Here is where you start your journey. For each move you make, it will cost Doubloons. The Higher the cost to move, the closer to a chest or Puzzle Piece you are. Honestly, focus on the Puzzle pieces more than the Chests. If you are a lower level player, you will struggle more than other players. Captain Jack is the best reward…. earning you a buck a day, so if you focus your efforts to find his pieces, you will be better off to look for the others later!

Golden Frontier Part of Decoration

As you move, click a gray box next to you. (The Green Checks are where you have already been.)  Then click the yellow Doubloon amount to make your move. Sometimes your game may hesitate a bit. Wait for the server to catch up…. it’s been a little buggy and some players are having issues moving around here! You may need to refresh your game after a few moves.

Golden Frontier Lighthouse Map

If you really are having trouble, you can cheat a bit and click the yellow “help” tab at the bottom left when inside your Lighthouse.

Help Tab

You can Spend Doubloons and instantly find a puzzle piece. You will still have to make moves and get to the piece, but you will know where one is.

Help button Random Puzzle

Clicking the Yellow Rewards button on the bottom right will bring this chart up. This will be a big help!

Searching for Treasures Rewards

For each Character, you can see how close you are to a piece and how many moves you need to make to find a piece. Keep in mind, the cost to move is higher as you get closer to them. If you move farther away, the “moves count” will change and go up as well.

Each Player has a different map. No one will have the same pieces in the same locations!

The pieces can be costly, so stock up on doubloons, and then go find your pieces!

Golden Frontier Sailor Piece


Remember, Random amounts of Doubloons are given. you can receive from 1 to even 4 for crafting, etc.

Collecting Doubloons from Crafts

If you have the extra coins, you may purchase several Wells. (Store them or refresh after purchasing… they cost goes up as you purchase more of them.) You can earn Doubloons faster by doing crafts that have short times. Doing the 1 minute water recipe in the Well will earn you Doubloons quickly.

1 minute water recipe well

If you have a lot of energy stored up, you can also do things like going to the Cave location and chop away at the Rock Deposits… there are TONS of them! Collecting Doubloons as you go, and then be able to trade in the Cave Rocks in the Trading post for Gold Nuggets!Cave rocks 1Cave Rocks

When you have collected all of the pieces to a character, go the the rewards tab and TAKE your reward. It will then go to inventory and you can place it!

Pieces Jack in inventory

It is possible to accomplish the timed quest. You get a few extra rewards…. but honestly, you have 2 weeks to to be able to putter around. If you don’t finish the timed Quest you still have another 7 days beyond to receive the characters that will keep on giving DAILY… Like Captain Jack who will give you a buck a day!

captain mission

Chests opened contain Random items. Coins, Experience, Bucks, Nuggets, etc! They go into Inventory right away. You never know what you may find inside!

Chest had Bucks


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