Golden Frontier Chocolate Update

The Chocolate Update was released on 6/8/2016. A 2 week limited time event, the Chocolate Update gives us a new building, the Confectioner’s Shop. We will be crafting a ton of chocolate creations in order to feed a new friend… Edward. Edward will ask for Chocolate and give you his precious Sweet Medals. Spend your Sweet Medals in the new Chocolate Shop and receive several neat and different decorations that give rewards!

Chocolate Quests  <—- Click here!

Meet Edward… the crazed little Fat guy who just can’t stop eating CHOCOLATE!

Edward Click on Edward and he will ask you for some type of Chocolate. He will give you Sweet Medals in return. What Edward asks for is RANDOM and may just be the same item several times in a row. It will be different for each player! Note: EDWARD LOVES CHOCOLATE!


The Confectioner’s Shop for now, is where we will craft Chocolate Delicacies to feed our greedy friend! Click the Picture for Building information.

Confectionary Shop 1

Confectioner’s Shop Recipes:

Dark Chocolate

Golden Frontier Dark Chocolate Recipe (confectioner's shop)

Milk Chocolate

Golden Frontier Milk Chocolate Recipe (confectioner's shop)

Coconut Balls

Golden Frontier Coconut Balls Recipe (confectioner's shop)

While Chocolate

Golden Frontier White Chocolate Recipe (confectioner's shop)

Chocolate with Raisins

Golden Frontier Chocolate with Raisins Recipe (confectioner's shop)

Chocolate with Nuts

Golden Frontier Chocolate with Nuts Recipe (confectioner's shop)

Chocolate Assortment

Golden Frontier Chocolate Assortment Recipe (confectioner's shop)

New Kitchen Recipes:

Roasted Cacao Beans

Golden Frontier Roasted Cacao  Beans Recipe (kitchen)

Cacao Powder

Golden Frontier Cacao Powder Recipe (kitchen)

Baked Milk

Golden Frontier Baked Milk Recipe (kitchen)

The new Cacao Trees will use Flower Fertilizer instead of water.

Cacao trees

New in the Trading post is Coconut Flakes, Raisins and Hazelnuts.

New Trading Post items

These are the Point Values of the Sweet Coins you will receive when Trading with Edward:

Edward Chocolate Assortment Edward Chocolate with Nuts

Edward Chocolate with Raisins Edward Coconut Balls

Edward Dark Chocolate Edward Milk Chocolate

Edward White Chocolate

You can also buy a Chocolate Roulette for 90 Bucks. It gives items from the Chocolate update and other rewards including the chance to win a couple bucks. You get 1 free spin each day.

Golden Frontier Chocolate Roulette




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