Unreleased Ancient Pyramid Update

This is the 2nd Release on the new map! In this update we build 2 new clickables, and visit the Lost Pyramid Territory. This will be another tough update, so make sure you have at least the First 10 updates completed! 

Some things to remember:

  • Keep Sturdy Pick axes in your wish list… you will use even more than you did before!
  • You will need more dynamite!
  • Stock up on making Copper, Soap and Cotton oil.

****NOTE**** There is 1 “Timed” quest in this update. If you have 35 bucks to buy the Large Pyramid, you pass the timed quest!

Ancient Pyramid Release

Ancient Pyramid Quests <— Click here!

Ancient Pyramid 1 Ancient Pyramid 2

Ancient Pyramid 3 Map

These are the 2 new clickables. We will be able to fill a little bit on our own besides depending on neighbors to visit and click! The Large Pyramid does cost 35 bucks… 


When Visiting a neighbor, both Pyramids have the Stone as the free click. There is no timer to fill your pyramid!

Neighbor Small Pyramid

The Small Pyramid can also be filled by you Via the Beautiful Feather given by the Beautiful Parrot.

Small Pyramid Filling

Large Pyramid can be filled by yourself with the Beautiful Feather and 2 new crafts in the Smithy… Copper Shovel and Copper Pick.

Large Pyramid filling

Small Pyramid Building Stage

Small Pyramid Stage 1  Small Pyramid

  • Level o (0-25)
  • Level 1 (25-75)
  • Level 2 (75-175)
  • Level 3 (175-300)
  • Level 4 (300-500)
  • Level 5 (gift)


Large Pyramid Building Stage

Large Pyramid Stage 1 Large Pyramid

  • Level 0 (0-25)
  • Level 1 (25-75)
  • Level 2 (75-150)
  • Level 3 ( 150-250)
  • Level 4 (250-400)
  • Level 5 (gift)


New Recipes: Foundry Copper Ingot

Copper Ingot (foundry)

Copper Ingot x5

Copper Ingot x5 (foundry)

Workshop: Flower Powder

Flower Powder (workshop)

Flower Powder x5

Flower Powder x5 (workshop)


Perfume (workshop)

Smithy: Copper Pick

Copper Pick (smithy)

Copper Shovel

Copper Shovel (smithy)

The Beautiful Parrot gives the beautiful Feathers, etc. Requires 2 soap and 1 perfume.

Beautiful Parrot

The Frangipani Tree… 15 Whack Trees should use Energy. 20 Whack Trees use Dynamite. Gives Small Flowers and random drops of South Wood.

Frangipani Tree

When you first get to the Lost Pyramid, you can clear the Frangipani Tree by the yellow Arrow. That will clear the first Mist Area. Don’t forget, you will need to transport Dynamite, Strong Picks, Perfume and Soap with you!

Clicking Yellow Arrow opens Mist

Map: This area can be cleared to get the Parrots. Honestly though, since there isn’t a timed quest, you really don’t need to kill yourself trying to get it cleared. Let your neighbors help you by clicking your Pyramids, and likewise, be a good neighbor and click your neighbors too. 

Lost Pyramid Map

This will not be an easy task and will require a lot of Dynamite, Energy and Sturdy Pickaxes. Getting through the fog may prove to be quite hard for many players. It is usually a copper deposit that needs to be cleared in an area for the fog to lift, and it may not even be close to where you think. Don’t give up! There is no rush or special prize for completing first, lol!

This is my map after lifting the fog and clearing way more than I thought I would have to in order to lift the fog on VK. 

Pyramid Map

This is the Girl with Parrot… the “prize” at the end of the fog. Honestly, I got to her AFTER my pyramids were finished, and unless you keep building a Small Pyramid, the Feathers she gives are useless!

Girl with parrot


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