Unreleased Lost World Update

The Lost World update is quite detailed and will be a fun world to explore once released to Facebook. There are no time limitations and this will take some time to learn the new way of transporting items to the Lost Isles! There are many new items to explore on this grand adventure! 

If you are a new player, or do not have at least the First 10 updates completed in the quest book… I would NOT recommend you attempt this update.

We will mostly be using Smithy’s and Workshops for this update. We will also be travelling back and forth quite a bit. Stock up on Tarpulins, Food, Sequins, Work Gloves, Drafts, Coal, Heat, Iron, Nitre, Bouquets, and even Dynamite! Did I say food? You will need lots of food!! This update is a bit like the Cave, There are 5 Islands. As you progress to a new island, the fog will clear. This Update is not going to be finished in 1 day, but there are no timers involved!

Yes…unless it is changed when it is released on Face Book… the Dynamite made in the Lab can be used in the New Territory… and actually has more blasting power than the new Dynamite. It is never a waste to craft and have!

You will quickly learn to master the art of transportation! FYI… DON’T waste time collecting regular items like grass, gold nuggets, etc. You will just end up spending more food to keep transporting those items back to Cloudy. This will be a lengthy process and you WILL spend much time just transporting materials back and forth. Get to know your inventory and the new items. Write them down!!   Write down what you need and where you need it so you can always transport 25 items back with you!

Lost World

The New Free gift you will want in your wish list will be the Strong pick. It is also crafted in the Smithy. You will need hundreds of them to get though all of the Granite deposits as you make your way though the Islands.

Strong Pick Free Gift

Lost World page 1 Lost World page 2

Lost World page 3 Lost World page 4

Lost World page 5

Lost World Quests <— Click Here

The Map Location will have a yellow arrow. Click the arrow to see the New Lost Isles Territory. You will need to have the boat completely built (or use bucks) and food to travel. Note: It takes 5-10 seconds longer to travel to the new location than it normally takes to travel.

Map Page 1 Map Page 2

This is a view of part of the map.

Lost World 2

You will actually start out on Cloudy and fix the broken boat. The boat can then be filled with 25 items in your warehouse inventory and taken to the Lost Isles location. Click either boat to see the build stages and boat transfer information.

Fixing Boat  Boat

New Items: Cotton Tree, Delonix Tree, Copper Deposit and Granite Deposit. In order to use these items for crafting on Cloudy Lands, you will have to transport them in your boat and move them into inventory!

Cotton Tree Delonix Tree

Copper Deposit Granite Deposit

There are 3 different cats that you will need to “catch.” The Cheetah, Panther and Tiger. You will need certain items in order to catch them and receive the rewards. You will eventually need to catch all of them in order to complete building the Native House. (They give Ancient Maps) Remember…. you will need to transport these items on your boat from cloudy to the Lost Isles and remove them from the boat in order to use them!

Cheeta Panther


There are also several Ancient Statues that will need to be cleared in order to complete building the Native House. (They give Ancient Medallions)Here are 5 possible combinations to clear the Statues.

Ancient Statue

Ancient Statue 1 Ancient Statue 2

Ancient Statue 3 Ancient Statue 4

Ancient Statue 5

There are 4 Bridges that will Need to be built. (Thanks Stephie for the missing pics!)

Bridge 1

Bridge 1 Ancient Bridge Stage 1

Ancient Bridge Stage 2 Ancient Bridge Stage 3

Bridge 2 

Bridge 2 2nd Ancient Bridge Stage 1

2nd Ancient Bridge Stage 2 2nd Ancient Bridge Stage 3

Bridge 3

Bridge 3 3rd Ancient Bridge Stage 1

3rd Ancient Bridge Stage 2 3rd Ancient Bridge Stage 3


Bridge 4 

Bridge 4 4th Ancient Bridge Stage 1

Ancient Bridge Stage 2 4th Ancient Bridge Stage 3

The Native House will most likely be the last building you finish. You will need to clear most of the Ancient Statues and all of the felines in order to have the supplies needed. Click the Picture to see build stages.

Native House

These are the new recipes:

Smithy: Chain Recipe

Chain Recipe (smithy)

Copper Recipe

Copper Recipe (smithy)

Necklace Recipe

Necklace Recipe (smithy)

Small Dynamite Recipe

Small Dynamite Recipe (smithy)

Small Dynamite x5 Recipe

Small Dynamite Recipe x5 (smithy)

Strong Pick x10 Recipe

Strong Pick Recipe (smithy)

Workshop: Cottonseed Oil Recipe

Cotton Oil Recipe (workshop)

Soap Recipe

Soap Recipe (workshop)

Waterproof Fiber Recipe

Waterproof Fiber Recipe (workshop)


As I said in the beginning, this is very similar to the Cave, and it may get a bit tricky. You may find yourself getting stuck on some areas that would normally just need whacks with energy, but use dynamite. You can transport the old dynamite made in the Laboratory because you will need it!!

This is a map of the whole Isles area. The paw prints is the path I took. FYI, when you get to the second Island, you will probably have to clear almost the entire area around the Native House before you can click on it and start building!

Complete Map Path

When you get to the last Island, your reward will be getting to the Forgotten Idol… Get a free spin every day for a chance to win bucks and other Lost World items!

Forgotten Idol Forgotton Idol Spinner




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2 Responses to Unreleased Lost World Update

  1. Wonderful hints, always appreciate your work. Was wondering about the ancient map and medallion required on the build of the Native House, where do they come from?

    • Bad Kitty says:

      The Ancient Statues give the Ancient Medallions, and the Felines give the Ancient Map. Have a great day!

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