Golden Frontier Unreleased Caramel Update

Dear friends, Edward will visit with us still only one week! He prepared new delightful scenery in the chocolate shop! Hurry to get them in our caramel updates! In this update: – New decoration: Chocolate Fountain, Sweet House . – New materials , but that’s not all! Edward was so delighted with our chocolate, that he decided to make some changes: – Now Edward will give more medals in exchange for chocolate; – the chocolate shop on the prices of goods decreased; . – In some recipes Chocolate upgrade price for the materials in the Bucks reduced.

This is basically part 2 of the Chocolate update… tips to help prepare:

  • Plant Vanilla and Coffee bushes.
  • Make some extra Gold Nuggets.
  • Keep Glaze in your wish list!

Golden Frontier Unreleased Caramel Update

Caramel shop page1 Caramel shop page2

Caramel shop page3

Complete Quest line info <—- click here!

New Items in Trading Post: Green Tea and Black Tea.

New Trading Post

3 New Recipes to craft in the Confectioner’s Shop and barter with Edward for Sweet Coins!

Green Chocolate

Green Chocolate (confectioner's shop)

Dessert Chocolate

Dessert Chocolate (confectioner's shop)

Porous Chocolate

Porous Chocolate (confectioner's shop)

New Workshop Recipe: Form for Chocolate

Form for Chocolate (workshop)

New Kitchen Recipe: Butter

Butter (kitchen)

These are the New Barters with Edward! Sweet Medal Point given are now a bit higher than with the Chocolate Update!

Chocolate with Nuts (Edward) Assorted Chocolate (edward)

Chocolate with Raisins (Edward) Coconut Balls (edward)

Dark Chocolate (Edward) Dessert Chocolate (edward)

Edward Green Chocolate Edward Porous Chocolate

Milk Chocolate (edward) White Chocolate (edward)

New Items in the Chocolate Shop and notice the costs are lower than they were in the Chocolate Update!

Chocolate Shop Page 1 Chocolate Shop Page 2

New Yellow Box  Items:

Yellow Box All items give Chocolate Collection, coins and Experience. Collect every 12 Hours.

  • Chocolate Master gives Big Axe or Big Spade
  • Tree With Sweets gives Coal
  • Table gives Coconut Balls or White Chocolate


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