Golden Frontier Unreleased Chocolate Update

Just a reminder that this is unreleased! Recipes and other info have been known to change from the version played on VK and when it gets released to the Face Book Version!!

Heads up!!!  On the VK Version, Points changed… you may want to hold off buying items from the Chocolate Market until week 2!

Also, there will be a quest in the Caramel update to get 250 Sweet Medals from Edward… You may want to craft the recipes this week and trade them next week and pass both quests at the same time!

Chocolate Update

Dear friends! Meet visiting Edward’s chocolate factory owner and a lover of sweets! Hurry up to greet him! He is happy to tell you how you can get the unique scenery in our chocolate updates! In this update: – New building: Pastry shop; – New decoration: Beautiful cacao tree, chocolate roulette and many others; – New materials exchanged Edward chocolate Sweet coins. For these coins you can buy valuable and unusual prizes in the chocolate shop!

You will need up update your wish list with the new Free gift item: Glaze when this update is released.

Free Gift (glaze)

Free gift items needed for this update include Sugar, Spices and Caramel. You will also need to stock up on Milk, Heat, Flour, Gold Nuggets and White Gold! Amounts depend on how many gift boxes you want to make!

You will also need plenty of Grass, Brushwood, Fertilizer and Flower Fertilizer. (The new Cocoa Trees do not use water, they use Flower Fertilizer!)

New Cocoa Tree

List to build 1 Confectioner’s Shop: You can make all these ahead of time and be able to build when the update is released! There are 4 stages!

  • 6 Green Cakes
  • 5 Tiles
  • 4 Steel
  • 1 Hammer
  • 2 Axe
  • 1 Wooden Timber
  • 7 Bricks
  • 5 Jam
  • 4 Cranberry Pancakes
  • 7 Plywood
  • 5 Nails
  • 6 Pumpkin Cake

Quest info <— Click Here!

This is a 2 week Limited time Update.  There are no “timed” elements with quests, but after 2 weeks, you will not be able to trade Edward for Sweet Cons or Purchase Items from the “chocolate Shop.”

Similar to other updates : (Halloween, Lucky, French Artist) You will place Edward, and he will ask you for items crafted in the Confectioner’s Shop. Only 1 Edward may be placed and  you have to give him the item he wants. He may ask for the same item many times in a row… or not. What he asks for is RANDOM for each player. You can skip the item with bucks, but he may ask for the same item again. 

Chocolate page 1 Chocolate page 2

Chocolate page 3 Chocolate page 4

Chocolate page 5

Confectioner’s Shop: You may buy 1 with coins. More buildings cost 25 Bucks each. 

Confectionary Shop 1 Confectionary Shop

Confectionary Shop Stage 1 Confectionary Shop Stage 2

Confectionary Shop Stage 3 Confectionary Shop Stage 4

Recipes in the Confectioner’s Shop

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate (confectionary shop)

Milk Chocolate

Milk Chocolate (confectioner's shop)

Coconut Balls

Coconut Balls (confectioner's shop)

White Chocolate

White Chocolate (confectioner's shop)

Chocolate with Raisins

Chocolate with Raisins (confectioner's shop)

Chocolate with Nuts

Chocolate with Nuts (confectioner's shop)

Assorted Chocolate

Assorted Chocolate (confectioner's shop)

New Kitchen Recipes:

Fried Cocoa Beans

Fried Cocoa bean (kitchen)

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder (kitchen)

Baked Milk

Baked Milk (kitchen)

New Trading Post items

New Trading Post Items

Edward… you will love to hate him, lolol!!


Remember, Edward will ask for crafted items from the Confectioner’s Shop. He asks RANDOMLY and will be different for each player. As always, the hardest to craft item gives the most sweet medals!

Assorted Chocolate Chocolate with nuts

Chocolate with Raisins Coconut Balls

Dark Chocolate Trade Milk Chocolate

White Chocolate

Trade your Sweet Medals in the “Chocolate Shop.” The Icon will near the top left of your game. (next to the daily quests) This time around, trading for coins is a bit different. You choose either a Blue, Red or Green Box. Each box has 3 Bonus decor items and you will RANDOMLY receive 1 out of the 3 possible items. You do NOT receive all 3!

NEW INFO!!!!  With the release of the Caramel Update (part 2 chocolate)  the costs to purchase these items with sweet coins went DOWN! The same thing may happen when released to Face Book. You may want to save some medals for the second week and get a better deal!!

Chocolate Shop

Clicking the Magnifying Glass will show you the prizes inside each box.

Blue Box Prizes

Blue Box Prizes

Red Box Prizes

Red Box Prizes

Green Box Prizes

Green Box Prizes

Another Bonus item you can purchase for bucks is the Chocolate Roulette. Like the Saloon, you get 1 free spin every 24 hours. Yes, this revolves around the Chocolate update… But we never know what future uses of these items will be. Always to keep your inventory… even if we haven’t used it in months  because you never know when you will need it again!

Chocolate Roulette





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