Golden Frontier Unreleased Greenhouse Update

Agronomist Greenhouse Update

This update gives us a new Clickable: The Agronomist Greenhouse. As your Greenhouse levels, it will give you rewards to help in building the Farmer’s Contest Stall. We will be able to speed up our neighbors Greenhouse, which we will need to do to help some complete as there is a 5 day timed quest to complete the building. We will be primarily using the Agronomist’s House, Smithy and Workshop in this update.

Greenhouse Quest Information <—- Click here!

You may want to add Work Gloves to your wish list,  stock up on Water, Garden Shovels, (used in conjunction with the Farmer’s Contest Stall) Iron, Heat, Thread, Hammers and Steel. Amounts depend on how many neighbors you plan to help… that is totally up to you. 

Greenhouse page 1

greenhouse page 2

The Greenhouse: You will receive 1 Free in your inventory. Any further purchases will cost 40 GF Bucks. To fill the Greenhouse is 5 Levels.

Greenhouse Agronomist

  • Level 0 (0-25)
  • Level 1 (25-100)
  • Level 2 (100-250)
  • Level 3 (250-500)
  • Level 4 (500-800)
  • Level 5 (free gift) 

Building Stage

Greenhouse Agronomist Stage 1

Visiting and helping your neighbors will be essential. You will receive your standard free click and also be able to craft the “best fruit recipe” to give your neighbors needing clicks what they need in order to speed them through the process and finish to get the extra quest rewards!

Visiting Neighbor

There are 2 new Trees… Apricot and Grapefruit. Once harvested, they are used to make the Best Grapefruit and Best Apricot recipes. Then the Best Apricot and Best Grapefruit are used with the new Watering Can and Garden Gloves to make the Best Fruit Recipe.

New Trees

New Agronomist’s House Recipes:

Best Apricots

Best Apricots Recipe (Agronomist House)

Best Grapefruit

Best Grapefruit Recipe (Agronomist House)

Best Fruit

Best Fruit Recipe (Agronomist House)

Smithy: Watering Can

Watering Can Recipe (smithy)

Workshop: Garden Gloves

Garden Gloves Recipe (workshop)

VERY IMPORTANT: Remember to place your Greenhouse in the broken boat area. (where the game loads) It is much easier for your neighbors to help you if they can see it right away. Also, check your greenhouse often when first placing it…. the first levels go quickly and you will level it up faster if you refresh often and check it.

New Clickable


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