Unreleased Farmers Competition/Top 100

The Farmer’s Competition Stall is where you will add your crafted items in 5 levels to earn prizes. Once fully built, you can enter the top 100 competition. The 5 day timer is for extra rewards, but you can still finish building after the clock runs out! The competition will last for 2 weeks.

Farmer's Competition


Level 1    0-25 points                                                     Level 2    25-125 points                                                 Level 3    125-500 points                                             Level 4    500-1000 points                                           Level 5    1000-1600 points



Farmer's Competition Stage 1 Farmer's Competition Stage 2

Farmer's Competition Stage 3 Farmer's Competition Stage 4

Farmer's Competition Stage 5

Top 100

There are 3 leagues (gold, silver and bronze) for players to compete according to their game level. 

Bronze League (Levels 1-29)                     Silver League (Levels 30-39)                   Gold League (Levels 40 and higher)

These are the recipes you will need to craft to go toward the Farmers Stall. As always, the higher the point value, the more difficult it is to craft the item. (don’t waste bucks on the select watermelon!)


There is a new twist on the VK version of the game. I assume the same will happen on the Face Book version once released. If you decide to participate in the top 100, you are on your own this time! The crafted items being put towards the Top 100 are NOT sendable/giftable. Not even through the Warehouse. You will have to depend on yourself and not anyone else to help you win should you choose to participate. (In my opinion, it should always have been this way!)

Top 100 items NOT sendable

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